A day in the Caribbean and sex on the beach

I really wanted to write about my experience with Cathy the other day. Now I understand what she meant when saying its a difficult subject to write about! I need to postpone that one a little, till the words flow better.

Today it was time to dig out my airplanes out of the deep dungeons of my messy and overloaded inventory. It was Melchior who inspired me to do so. Who the hell is Melchior you might ask yourself. Well, its a guy I met at Paradise beach club a couple of days ago, fancied him, took him to the mansion and had a good time with him.

It was him who joined me on a sailing trip to Honah Lee the day later (post-coitus that was). I promised him, to show him my Seaplane next time we meet. Pre-coitus that would be, we agreed.

So today was that day. But something didn’t work out. I don’t know if the script of my little Seakite is outdated, or was it the lag or do I simply need a better computer to fly in Second Life? We crashed twice with that plane.

I decided to give it another go, with a small Debonair I bought a while ago. This one was a real bargain. I paid only 200 L$ for a nice little Mesh plane, with a great cockpit hud, lots of little details , such as different light systems and an auto-pilot function. The downside of such a plane is, I can not land on water and there is plenty of water in Blake Sea but not many airports.

So off we went to Santa Catalina airport, and took off, taking course to the Caribbean Islands in the very South East of the Blake Sea. Now, that was a smooth flight! This is the cheapest, yet the best plane I have. No crash, no problems, very easy to navigate, really fun to fly this thingy.


The landing on St Martin airfield was a bit rough to say the least. Could have easily gotten me the nickname captain kangaroo. Getting there we sat down in the Airports Cafe on its cozy little terrace with a view over the runway and the airfield. Really cool that was!

Suddenly we decided to explore the island’s beach. Actually I decided and dragged Melchior with me, as you do! We changed to beach wear and started exploring. The area has some very pretty little islands to offer. Most of them even allow rezing!


On one of them, a small island with a group of palm trees I rezed poseballs. I told Melchior they are dance poseballs. I knew he was thinking about something else than islands and palm trees. He was eager to go home, tear my cloth of me and make love. He just did not know how to touch on the subject. He can be shy at times!

Hence I took the initiative and dragged him in the sand on that little tropical island under palm trees and the sunset in the background …

7 thoughts on “A day in the Caribbean and sex on the beach”

  1. Always nice to read you Caroline. I have a chute in my messy inventory… Fancy drop me somewhere with your plane ?
    Kiss kiss

  2. Great post! It was a pleasure meeting both you and Melchior at the Mansion’s open weekend. Melchior is every bit as good as you describe here! I will never look at tequila in the same way again 🙂

    Love, Seri

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