A dinosaur in a tree trunk

A dinosaur in a tree trunk

Sounds funny doesn’t it? But its not a real dinosaur, I am talking about a person I met yesterday. I was jumping around from sim to sim to find something to write about. First I was at Sunset Beach were somebody bored the hell out of me.

Then Wheels invited me to see his new racing yacht. He said he is participating in races sometimes, particularly the monday-topless-race. That sounds like a fun event to write about one day. But he crashed shortly after and did not come back in-world.

So I went to a beach again, with no particular intention or idea what to do. It was then when I saw this guy in jeans and T-shirt standing near the landing point doing absolutely nothing. How strange, I thought and checked the profile. A scripter and builder as it turned out.

So I messaged him to see if he is actually here, or if it is just a “parked” avatar. Builder do that sometimes when they are busy with whatever nerdy stuff they do, but on Paradise Beach, it seamed a bit odd.

It spoke to me!

It turned out, that he was away from Second Life a long time. The reason being, was that when mesh was introduced to Second Life , his building skills were not that much in demand anymore as everybody started to use mesh stuff and he was stuck with prims and sculpties. He called himself a Second Life dinosaur. One of those people, that knew Second Life from the days when the Nautilus continent was not even been thought off and everybody looked kinda funny.

Suddenly this message popped up which we all hate: “Region will restart in 5 Minutes”. Which basically means you have a couple of minutes to dress (it was a a nude beach), choose another region in, find the appropriate landmark in your inventory, TP and send the other person a TP offer.

Gets very hectic at that pointand may cause stress, I can tell you.

Ok, we made it to a place called Tempura Island. I will write about Tempura in another article in great detail. Funny enough, its a region which is very popular and exists since a long time. I am not sure how long, but certainly it was there when I first joined Second life back in 2007. Despite he did not know the place.

2007! Oh my god, I am a dinosaur too.

Anyway, I know a quite nicely done place on Tempura Island. Its a massive tree trunk in the small forest, right North from the landing spot. You can actually go into the trunk and you will find a little cozy inviting room inside.

The Forest on Tempura Island

The Forest on Tempura Island

Here the tree trunk house inside

Tree House on Tempura Island


Here we continued our talk about all the things that changed in Second Life ever since we joined this weird but exciting world. He talked about stuff he was building then, about a two year relationships he had in SL, about old friends which has left Second Life.

Nowadays his “Second Life Style” is just wondering around a see what happens. No land, no home, no business, no plans. A “Second Life Clochard”, so to speak, and he loves it. I told him about this blog and asked him whether or not he would like to join me on my travels sometimes and maybe even contribute to this from his waste amount of experience and skills. He was worried about if I will use his name on the blog. So here I will call him “he who shall not be named” or alternatively Mr.X

Me and he who shall not be named:

Conversation the tree trunk house


He is thinking about my proposal. Here a question to all of you my readers: Would you be interested in learning from he who shall not be named to create stuff in Second Life or would that bore you to death?

Yes, I know, you rather want to know if I fuck with him. Hey, come on , lets be serious for a change: You want to read about building and scripting? Leave you answer in the comments below.

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    apal0nia 4 years

    I so want to hear more

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    About building or about…..

    I would love to write how this developed, but I promised not too. 🙂


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