A Diving Adventure and Post-Diving Sex

A Diving Adventure and Post-Diving Sex

You probably remember Toni. Toni is the protagonist in previous posts such as „lessons in love“ or the „the final exam“. Ever since he immersed quite a lot into Second Life. He bought himself a plane after I introduced him to the fun of aviation in Second Life, he discovered the virtual amazon and I understand, he also had his fair share of erotic adventures in Second Life with other girls too.

The other day, he suggested something else: Scuba diving in Second Life. Yes, you can simulate scuba diving in Second life. In fact there are plenty of underwater worlds to discover. So off I went and bought scuba diving simulation equipment on marketplace. He took me to a place called Fruit Islands first.

What we discovered there is best explained with pictures, have a look:


Here is the Taxi, in case you want to try yourself:

And this is where you get the diving equipment:

In the end he had to return to Real Life and after he left, I started discovering the area a bit. I found and interesting little private parcel, close to the location where we dived with very pretty little beach house. There was a security orb or ban lines. Anyone can enter the parcel and use the facilities. The owner even allows strangers to rez stuff, which is rather unusual in Second Life.



diving_016   diving_015   diving_017

Suddenly I had a very naughty idea

Isn’t it exciting to do it, at somebody else`s place? It has a certain arousal and excitement, when you could get caught any minute by the owner, or a friend of the owner, whilst in the middle of having sex. ´What would you do? Maybe apologizing, taking your cloth and get the fuck out of the embarrassing situation as quick as possible? What would I do? I probably would say sorry and offer to participate as some kind of compensation! Now, that would be a fun! Anyway Next time I saw Toni online, I invited him over to the place. I told him that I discovered this cute little place in the diving region. He was pleasantly surprised, when without much beating around the bush, I opened his jeans and went straight into action.

What followed was probably our best sex so far, even though that we did actually not get caught:

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    Drake1 Nightfire 4 years

    Looks like a fun place, and fun times 🙂
    I will have to check that out later tonight.

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