Drama, Stalkers a Troll and a Date

I have a lot of landmarks. I am sure this happens to most residents in Second Life. You visit places and just in case you might want to revisit that place in the future you grab a landmark. After a while you end up having landmarks to places you don´t even remember that you have been there.

Sometimes when I am not sure what to do, I do some „landmark hoping“. Its a great way to meet new people and to clean up your inventory at the same time. So I did yesterday. After some „hops“ I ended up in motel called the „Blue Diamond“. Yet another place were you can bring your partner for sex if you dont have your own place.

Right in front of the motel, a guy with the name Martin approached me in IM. He was actually quite good looking, charming and had this funny tattoo on his naked belly which read: unzip me for a nice gift and an arrow pointing to his jeans – an invitation I was inclined to follow. What a coincidence that we were standing right in front of this motel. It did not take long and we ended up in the room upstairs engaging in sexual activity.

After a while Martin suggested to go to another place, were the animations shall be better. I usually do not like to change location in the middle of an erotic encounter but I agreed and off we went.

Arriving at the new place things got a bit out of control – literally. A women walked into the room and started to take over the menu of the bed. I asked her why she was doing this.

„Because he is with me“, was the reply. I my first thought was: „Ok, here we go, Martin got caught with me by his girl friend. Wonderful story for my blog“. I felt awkward standing there in front of her totally naked, so I did put some cloth on before continuing the conversation.

But as it turned out, she was not at all related in whatever form to him. He said he knew her since 5 minutes. Nevertheless, she insisted to be married to him. She ranted on and on and poor Martin seamed to be somewhat confused and helpless not knowing how to react.

Then I told her: „Look, I don’t know what the problem is. He fancied me, we were in a motel and did it. No big deal and apparently he does not know you. Are you an ALT or something?“

„The problem is you are a slut, sleeping with married men“.

To me the situation was very entertaining and I told Martin so. He was happy that I took this with humor. It got actually even funnier when another guy entered the room and suggested after having listened a couple of minutes to what was going on:

„Melaine (her name) what about a revenge fuck, I am all in.“ I could not help but bursting out laughing. At the same time I was talking to Martin in IM to calm him down a little.

I am still not sure what is the truth being this scene. There are several option:

1. She is an ALT (alternative account) of a girl Martin has or had some kind of relationship
2. She met him before, liked him and was jealous that he ended up with me and not with her.
3. She is a troll and did this for the fun of it.

To me it doesn’t really matter, but if you are new to Second Life you should prepare yourself for such drama. There are people in Second Life who think its funny to intervene in relationships by claiming to be a girlfriend, partner or love affair. However people stalking their partners with an ALT is also very common especially when they suspect their partner to be unfaithful.
Martin liked the way I was handling the situation and he told me: “Caroline I want to meet you again”. I asked: “For more than a casual fuck, that is?”. “Yes”, he said, “ I really like you, we could go dancing or something”. I looked at him surprised and asked: “Is this a date?” – “Yes, if you want it to be one!”

So here we go, I have a date. I will let you know what happens. But first I would like to ask you – my readers – some questions:

  • Can you have a date with someone you already fucked with?
  • What is actually the difference between a casual sex encounter and a date?
  • Would you go on such a date after what happened here and most importantly:
  • how shall I dress?

Please leave your opinion in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Drama, Stalkers a Troll and a Date”

  1. – I would think yes… haha but I’m not one to talk with the little experience I have…
    – For me, a date doesn’t include sex… I think of a romantic dinner or a relaxing day at the movies? Maybe a late night walk in a cold park so he can wrap his arms around me when I feel too cold… and casual sex is, I guess, sex with no strings attached? haha I’m not very good at this stuff, but I am a hopeful romantic
    – I would be very nervous to, but I’m always willing to give people another chance.
    – I would dress casually as I never know if it will be an actual date, or another chance to have fun 😉 (unless he specifically states he is taking me to somewhere fancy then I’d dress to impress ;o )

    Side note: I’m new to SL and I came across your articles and I absolutely love reading them! I would love to meet you in game some day and chat if possible 🙂 Please continue writing! They are always a good read!

  2. Hi Carol.. amusing blog,, love it, I must say… makes me smile. But well, you’ve asked questions:

    1st: Sure you can… be seductive… kiss him… let him pay the bill… have a romantic dinner… let him take you out to his favourite place… meet him… pleasure yourself.
    2nd: Not that much difference at all…. either you enjoy raw oysters or fresh sperm first…. depends on what you prefer. Just make sure that he pays the bill.
    3rd: You like a second chance for a first impression… then do it.
    4th: Be a oyster, but show your pearl.

    Apart from that… have fun!


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