Escort Girl in Second Life – Most Boring Job Ever!

Escort Girl in Second Life – Most Boring Job Ever!

I gave it another shot on the Amsterdam Region to see if I get in touch with someone to talk about the escort scene in Second Life. You probably remember my failed attempt to go under cover as an escort girl?

Nothing is more boring than waiting for clients. Here you see me dressed for the occasion in one of the display windows of the City. At least I had a chance to make a nice sexy picture, but apart from that nothing happens there, absoluttly nothing. It must be so friggin boring and frustrating to sit there for hours and watch your avatar grow roots.

I tp-ed Mikael to the place for some feedback. You remember, that’s the guy I went out with to Tomuli´s Restaurant. He actually offered me to show me places were the horny men go. He referred to Adult places similar to Dirty Dive and such. To me that sounds odd. At those places there are many willing females who do it for free, why would someone there pay for an escort girl?

The most interesting suggestion was: he wants to introduce me to some SL prostitutes for an interview. That’s exactly what I need!

I wonder how comes he is that much in the know!

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    Hi Caroline,

    I work as an escort girl in Secondlife. We could do an interview if you wish.

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