Filmed secretly!

Filmed secretly!

One night I met Danni ( Dainiz Karst )at the Club. We actually had met before and talked about a lot of things related to love and relationships in Second Life. Back then Kimmik was part of the chat too. She actually gave him then a little tour through my new Swinger Mansion which ended in a huge bed having sex with him. Not too surprising knowing Kimmiks huge appetite for sex.

But It was then, the second time we met, when he first confessed me his desires for me. In fact the reason joining the club was mainly motivated by the thought of being close to me. At this stage he directly asked: “I wonder if I can ever have sex with you?”. – “Well, why not, ” I replied with a smile on my face , “lest go upstairs!”

You know, there is in my opinion nothing wrong with a direct approach wehn you are in a Swinger Club. It’s not a church anyway, people come because they love sex and enjoy sharing their passion with others. That’s ok, at least for me.

A few minutes later, we were naked on the hud orgy bed in one of the rooms upstairs. What we did not know is, that Uwe, my friend and camera, man was on the premises too. He secretly filmed the encounter! Just day’s later I found out about it. I didn’t mind of course as long as I get a copy.

Which I publish here for your enjoyment:


If you wonder, what animations are those: I was using the Tenderlove hud here.


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    amc39 3 years

    Beautiful as always! What a lucky man. I have to disagree with you on one point: I think the mansion IS a church of sorts: a church of hedonism and pleasure, where people come to worship each other instead of a deity…which I think is ultimate much more fun and fulfilling!

    As a side note: The mansion is always empty whenever I visit. Is it just too early to expect crowds, or is my timing terrible?

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    Adam 3 years

    Video isn’t loading…
    Fix it, I’d really like to see how SL is, before I test it out.

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      Did your mum not teach you the word “please”? I am not working for SL btw.
      The video works well at my end.


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