Flat Rate for Escort Services?

Flat Rate for Escort Services?

For those of you who wonder whether or nor I am still in the sex business: Yes I am. That is how I make the Lindens I need to spend In-World. As you know, I share land on one of the most expensive locations of the grid, the blake sea. I also spend money on shopping, tips for Djs, planes and all that stuff costs money.

I had an idea though. Instead of charging for each and every encounter, I am offering now a flat rate. That basically means a regular client joins a group I set up for the amount of 10.000 Linden and in return he can book me as often as he wants.

Good deal for the client. But why is it a good deal for me too?

First of all the cash flow is better. Instead of getting here a bit and then a bit, I get a lump sum upfront. Also think about this: How many of you subscribed to a Gym, went a couple of times but after a while did not bother anymore? I think this will happen with this too. I recon that I will end up with only few regulars who really take advantage of the deal. In average tt will work out like it does for a gym with thousands of members but only a few regular fitness junkies.

What do you think, is it a good idea?

I brought you today some pictures from a job today. For obvious reasons they are taken in way so you can not identify the client, which is especially important for the encounters I go to as a teenager.

Have fun:


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