Meeting Lee at Forbidden Paradise – Sex in Public

I found this place by accident. In Search actually. I mean honestly, when I see a place  which has forbidden in the name a visit is due!

The layout is actually nothing to call home about. One of those thousands of tropical island themed and adult rated regions. I have seen so many of those, one really gets tired of them.

I did a small round, was about to leave when I saw Sven. A quite good looking young lad. Checked profile and bingo: Guy with girl friend in profile.

I sat down and started a cheeky conversation. I got actually pretty explicit. Told him she will never know about it either.

No chance with that one.

He would just not do it. So I asked him why he visits such a region. He likes watching I got as an answer.

Ok, so he sits there when little girl friend is not on and gets off watching other couples. I am not sure, but doesn’t that fall in the category cheating as well?

“Ok, I lave you alone then, and see what happens here”,. I gave up on him.

“Very well, happy hunting and I will follow you with my camera, sexy girl”.

This intrigued me. Whatever I might do here, he would watch. I am a bit of an exhibitionist as you can tell just by reading this blog.

I saw a couple in the whirlpool there getting it on. Other then that there was actually nobody interesting or sexy. Suddenly the girl in the whirl pool vanished.

I decided to see If I can of help instead.

Jessica : So your girl left you alone?
Lee: Yeah, shes been having sl trubs, might pop back dunno. Your first time here then?

Jessica : Yes, she is your girl friend?
Lee: no noo just a friend, its ok if she comes back we swing for fun, laughs

Jessica : friends with benefits
Lee: laughs yep could say that, so what you got planned today then?

Jessica : I don’t make many plans, just go with the flow see what happens.
Lee: hmm yep same here…. usually something good happens…… smiles

Jessica : is it frustrating when she has to leave you in the middle of it?
Lee: i only came here for the first time last week, yes very….. smiles…. was just about to take her to a hotel laughs. Pulls you closer….. whispering…. but glad you turned up

Jessica : You prefer hotels? haha
Lee: Yeah the one i know has a great bed smiles.
/me traces a finger down your side twanging your bikini bottoms.

Jessica : /me lets her bikini top slide down then kisses him gently on his lips.

Lee: claws my fingers lightly up and down your back feeling your top loosen and drop between us as our lips touch for the first time, looks into your eyes as i glide my tongue around your slightly parted lips. “Want to stay here for a while Jess..”

Lee: claws my hands at your cheeks pulling your ass gently.
Jessica : /me caresses his face with her finger tips then his chest, lest her hand slide down till he reaches his cock.

Lee: bites my lip shuddering as i feel your hand trace over my cock. Kisses your neck mumbling…. you know that drives me wild jesssss.

Jessica : /me pushes him backwards , takes his cock in her hands and starts gently massaging it.

Lee: looks into your eyes oh fuck, i moan softly feeling your hand slowly stroke me.

Jessica : /me feels it getting harder in her hand smiles cheekily.
Lee: sides my hand down cupping your left breast rolling my thumb over your tawt nipple glistening in the moon light. Twist your head to kiss you hard on the lips slipping my tongue in deep.

Jessica : /me quickly strips of her panty too.
Lee: sliding my hand between your parting legs. caressing your folds with ym middle finger.

Jessica : Hmmm its nice and hard, want to take me?

Lee: Our tongues entwine as i feel you gyrate against my hand, pulls you on me. Bites your neck as you lower onto my cock, instantly starting to ride me smiling into my eyes.

Jessica : /me lest his cock slide into her then starts riding him slowly keeps kissing his lipps and tongue.

Lee: grips your ass cheeks supporting you as i start to bounce you gently at first, our eyes locked as you ride me, both letting out soft pants getting heavier and heavier as you glide up and down on my greasy shaft, feeling you wrap your arms around my neck.

Jessica : Hmmm so deep in me.

Lee: leans you back to swirl my tongue hungrily around your erect right nipple.

chews it sucking it as you arch back riding me faster. The water splashing over the sides as we both pant louder not caring about others hearing us, clawing at your ass cheeks as you groan.

Lee: ohhhhh fuck.
Jessica : /me goes a bit faster her excitement raises ass she knows people are watching.

We went on in different positions, getting more passionate, wild, hot mainly because I knew Sven was watching all the time:

He finally did cum hard in me, so did I and so did Sven. Does that count as a threesome?

We agreed to meet again in that hotel he mentioned.

That will be stuff for one of the next posts.


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