The Forgotten Continent

East of the corsica continent and actually connected to corsica via a small ocean you find Gaeta 5. I call it the forgotten continent.


Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s because I never cared about Gaeta and did not even consider including it in my sailing around the world series. But then again, I have never met people who said things like: “Hey, I have a cool home on Gaeta 5”, or “have you seen that lovely destination on Gaeta 5?”

Lets check the facts first:

This is what Second Life Wiki says:

“Gaeta 5 is the only finished continent of the Gaeta series. The initial project was to build 5 continents (named from Gaeta 1 to Gaeta 5), then to unite them into a single block of sims. Today, only Gaeta 5 is complete and a part of Gaeta 1 was built. Gaeta 5 is the most compact continent, with no gulfs or estuaries. On map, has a pea-shape or a potato-shape. This continent is an endless plain. It is linked to Corsica by a two-sim large passage.”


“Water transportation is important. Coastal waterway is navigable and surrounds the entire continent. More even, there are navigable channels close to the shores, that extend the road network and offer incredible landscapes. “


Here we go, time to set sail again.

Just one little Problem with that: You need to find a rez point to do so. Unlike the blake sea, the mainland coast does not offer official or public rez points on the coast.

I was walking around a bit in the very east of the continent, but all I found was a rez point on a road. The route 7. Ok, then lets start by motor bike then, I decided.

Yes, it looks a bit weird. I was wearing my bikini. I had expected to be sailing.

So, lets go.

This route has one unique feature. It suddenly ends, because its flooded. I have actually never seen that on any of the other continents. Did you? Anybody?

I think it’s a cute idea. You can even get a small free sailing boat right there. And: It’s a rez point. Great! I rezed my Loonetta there. Ready to go! Ahoy!

I set course to North, with the intention to sail all around the entire continent. I should find out later, that this shall prove to be an ambitious challenge. No worries, no spoiler here.

I discovered a stunningly beautiful coast line. The entire Northern coast of Gaeta 5 looks as if it was designed to be some kind of vacation resort. In fact you can actually rent little fully furnished tiki houses at two places.

One is called . You can not only stay there, but the resort offers several beach activities. The most beautiful part of it, is a romantic sea site restaurant. You want to spend a couple of hours with your significant other? That is the place. Take him/her there. Surprise him.

Next. Yet another beach and garden place called “Akaleia Gardens”.Beautifully designed gardens, a beach and a small village style resort, also with several bars and restaurants – all open to the public.

Have a look at this truly amazing place:

It was then when Bridge, the guy I “met” once in Saratoga, gave me a shout. In case you do not remember him:

He asked for a TP. Ok, why not, I thought. Nothing wrong with some company on the boat. Discovering is more fun that way.

We met on the beach and went to a nearby reggae music club. There you can get and auto-rez a small sailing boat for free. Not a very good one, but to continue the trip, it does the job.

Only after short while sailing along the coast he actually disappeared. I guess he had a different agenda when contacting me. Most likely he was not in sailing but in fuck mood.

Bridge joins me
Bridge joins me

There is an info point too. You know those places you can use to set your home location when you don’t have your own place. So if you are a fan of the forgotten continent, that is where to set your home. Apart from that the “info” hub doesn’t offer anything but the usual links.

info hub

 My journey continued.

I reached a small airport. Great, another place where I can rez actually. It is important to be ending an etape on a rezable parcel. That way I can continue another day where I last left it.

Gaeta Airport
Gaeta Airport

Behind the airport, yet another vacation resort. This one was called Maori Beach. A beautiful setting with little houses around a central spot, used for beach parties and such. Very cool I thought. You go to a party and if you happen to get closer to somebody at the place, you have “facilities” to get intimate just a few steps away.

Yes, thats me. Thats how I think.

Suddenly someone Im-ed me. It happened to be one of the guests staying at the resort. He invited me over to his little house on the resort. When I arrived, I was surprised to see him cuddling there with a girl.

He introduced her to me. His girlfriend actually.

After a bit of small talk about my trip, the resort and so fourth I asked: “So, what are you coming for to this place?”

Couple on Sex Vacation
Couple on Sex Vacation

“Sex”, he replied straight forward. “We actually enjoy mingling with other guests here, because we love to watch each other having sex with somebody else”, he added grinning.

He came over and set next to me on the sofa. Then took me in his arms starting to caress me. I didn’t offer much resistance. The thought of doing it in front of his girl friend actually aroused me. It didn’t take me long to start wanking his huge cock, followed by sucking it till it became hard and throbbing.

“Fuck the bitch, she wants it too”, his girlfriend commanded.

He obeyed promptly:

When we finished off, we added each other on our friends list. Saying good bye, we agreed to meet again for more of the same one day. I guess I have a fuck body couple now. Interesting.

The journey continued. But not on the Loonetta. Dave actually joined ne on that airport. You know Dave. One of my regulars. He who made me pregnant.

To my utmost surprise, I learned he has boats too. Quite a little collection in fact. We sailed from there together, all along the rest of the Northern coast.

From here there the sailable open waters are interrupted. Just one region missing. In addition you can not cross over the land there either as some full scale idiot is protecting his nautical club with fucking ban lines. I don’t understand why people do that.

Privat Yacht Club on Gaeta
Privat Yacht Club on Gaeta

We were lucky. Nearby that flooded route 7 happened to become a drivable road again. With a rez point. However that road wasn’t really a long one. After a short ride we stood again at the same problem. The road ends and is replaced with a water channel again.

 Now what?

Our yachts are far too big to sail in this small channel.

Have you ever seen those little seats floating along mayor routes on the main land? Those are meant for transportation. Here on Gaeta they actually follow the road too, like on any other continent. The difference is , when the arrive at the places where the road turns into a water way, those seats turn into little boats.

Here we go. Problem solved.

This channel actually connects the east coats of Gaeta with the South, were sailing is possible again. Th is waterway offers an incredible landscape. All along this waterway are privately owned parcels featuring stunning villas and houses.

Finally we were able to rez the boat again.

We didn’t do the entire South coast that day. We finished the trip at a parcel where rezing is allowed. Last thing was, Dave showing me details of the boat. Actually a quit big cabin with two bedrooms and animated sex beds.

I was surprised he did not ask for sex that day. That is usually what he wants when he visits me. He even paid to be in my “special attention vip group” called Caroline’s Lovers.

For those who are not in the know. This is what I am talking about:

 Next day.

That day I had company again. This time a young man I met a couple of days ago at Franks Jazz Club. He is also a sailing enthusiast.

We sailed all along the Southern Coast of Gaeta 5 until reaching my original starting point. The South of the continent resembles a more residential community. Also with beautiful scenes and landscapes, some modern art galleries and a small public beach.

Certainly a nice place to buy or rent a parcel too.


The road network is unique and fun to travel. It is not a very busy place. In fact, inland the continent is not very populated and consists of a lot of abandoned or unsold land. Truly a forgotten continent. The road network is small but unique and fun to travel. However, the coast line of Gaeta 5 offers a lot to see and discover and certainly worth a visit.

Here the slurls:

Route 7

Gaeta Airport

Moai Beach Resort

Akelei Gardens

Regae Tropical Lounge

Sea Site Restaurant and Lounge

Maori Beach Resort and Rentals

7 thoughts on “The Forgotten Continent

  1. Hey Caroline,
    very nice adventure again. I love the way you find solutions to the limitations and issues you have encountered. There is something I would like you to add if you can: landmarks to the different points you were. It’s easier to follow your track.
    Well done Caroline anyway! I hope to read the next sailing adventures soon.

  2. Ah I certainly missed these sailing adventures of yours! Sure, We all develop a certain affinity to the places we usually visit but exploration is as much a part of sl as is finding a place to call home.
    I’ve actually been to Maori beach many months back but I do recall it to be a beautiful place of solitude though I certainly didn’t sail to reach there!
    Oh, and you in a bikini riding a motorbike is just damn cute!
    People being in fuck mood around you, hmm… Isn’t that obvious by now, you being you is more than enough to get the brain chemical reactors exploding!
    So that’s something you gotta deal with when you’re “not in mood” 😀

    Keep the lovely adventures coming, let’s sail to Gaeta 5 sometime!

    P.S. I also do want to find a Jurassic Park in SL! Who’s coming with me?

    P.P.S. Only apply if you get along with velociraptors! They’re just chickens really!!

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