Freelance Escort at the Dirty Dive

There were no guests at the Magic Dream Angels Club that day. So I decided to try something different. I put on a sex mini dress and went to the dirty dive. Dirty dive is actually a place were people go to find sex partners. Of course the guys who come here are after free sex but I decided to give it a try anyway.

It didn’t take long that people Im-ed me with the usual lines such as „you look so beautiful“ or „all alone here in this place?“. But as soon as they realize, I am a professional they either lose interest or claim to be broke.

But I was lucky. Somebody I knew from before saw me. It was that guy I helped to get a decent avatar some time ago. You probably remember this, if not here is the story: here. He was also the first client I had since I am working at Magic Dream Angels: here.

„Hi Carol, here for being horny or for business?“ He asked and I replied. „ Well, you know that business makes me horny so both really“!“ „I know, and I am inclined to repeat the inexperience with you”.

Said and done! I brought him to a house in the blake sea, which I occasionally use as a retreat and made sure he does not regret having paid me:

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