Fun at work

Dear Caroline’s readers,

Today I will bring you back to the office … yes I know it sounds like a silly suggestion for spending a nice time in SecondLife, but there are a lot of workplaces around the grid, and there is a reason for that: you can do there what you would never dare to do in the real life.

So, I carefully selected a nice place to virtually work (if you are interested to know where it is, drop me a message and I will let you know where this company has located its premises on the grid) and went there wearing a proper suit to make myself feel in-character.

Here I was, sitting in a small cubicle, focusing on writing a nice report for my management. Surprisingly I was not alone working on this open-space and another lady seemed very busy at doing some important tasks for the CEO … well I was not lucky enough to work for people as important as the CEO.


However soon my manager, Jon, popped up.
-“Hello Catherine! How are you?” he said with his best smile. Well the guy was quite handsome to be honest.
-“Very good thank you and yourself?” I enquired smiling back.
-“Well, well … thank you. May I have a word with you my office?”
-“Certainly” I replied. Interrupting my very important work, I followed him in to his office.

He made me sit on his chair while he explained me the topic and background of this very important task he wanted me to do … I listened carefully when suddenly he stopped talking and looked at me with a bright smile.
-“You know Catherine that you are a pretty woman”

I looked at him a bit discomfited by his remark.
-“Ahem … well … thank you Jon … So, what were you saying?” I said trying to come back to the previous subject.
-“Nothing important, actually I think this work can wait.”

He approached me and grabbed my left boob looking at me to gauge my reactions. I looked at him surprised … and then I smiled to him. He smiled back and started to caress me through my clothes.


-“It will be our little secret, don’t worry” he said. I checked nervously at the door.
-“Jon! Stop that immediately! We could be caught” I said in a very frightened tone.
-“And?” he asked. “I see you don’t understand who is the boss”

Having said that, he pinned me down on his desk and hardly spanked my bottom. I did my best not to scream, the last thing I wanted was to draw attention on us.


-“Shhhhhh! Don’t pretend you don’t like that! “. he said before slapping my buttocks even harder. I looked back at him and smiled. “Good, good Catherine. Lay on my lap will you? I will give you a proper spank” he said rolling up his sleeves.


He made me count up to 10, and at each count, I received a hard slap… the first ones were not so enjoyable but soon it started to get me in the mood.
-“Strip!” he snapped suddenly. I looked at him in panic.
-“I can’t … someone might come …”
-“Catherine, who is your boss?” he asked arching eyebrows. Doing so he removed his pants and sat on his desk again. I nodded and stripped to my undies. “Lay on my lap!” he ordered “you will get 10 more slaps for discussing my orders”. I sighed and laid on his bare thighs. “Count!” he said. I did so and received 10 more slaps on my bare bottom … it bit a lot, but I enjoyed it very much.


I felt on my tummy that he was getting hard and so I concluded he was enjoying it too. He helped me on my feet and I knelt in front of him admiring his hard tool in front of my face … it did not take long before I started to play with it.


It definitely made us completely horny and I did not care anymore of who could come and catch us in the middle of the act, actually, it was even an additional turn-on.


We laughed like crazy when we were done. We quickly dressed and had a long cuddle before he had to leave.

-“You should go to the toilets and fix that messy make-up of yours” he said winking when he left the office. This is when I went there that I realized how true he was … I was a mess definitely.

Well, this is what can happen in SecondLife offices … and to be honest it can be a lot of fun. I am always looking for new workmates, give me a call, as we can have a hard work session together.


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