Furries – The Most Bizarre Culture of Second Life

When you think you have seen it all, something even more bizarre than anything you have seen before crosses your path in Second Life. I was researching high traffic sims the other day to find advertising space for the affiliate program of the thrixxx chathouse (a pretty hot online sex game).

This is how I ended up in a region called “The Ark”. At first I walked around this place which resembles a space ship with a club inside and many sex places, including what they call “the fuck rooms”.


Suddenly I realized that it is a furry region. For those not knowing: Furies is some kind of a subculture in Second Life. Those “people” use animal like fantasy avatars. They tend to be amongst themselves, hence the reason you will rarely stumble across them in the “regular” regions in Second Life. This place was full of them.

Furries in Second Life
Furries in Second Life


One of the fuck rooms was actually occupied. I so had to see how furries do it! So I camed into the room and saw too of them kinda getting ready.

Furry Sex in Second Life
Furry Sex in Second Life

Suddenly someone Im-ed me. It was a dragon. This one to be precise:

Dragon in Second Life
Dragon in Second Life


The rest of the story is best told by simply providing you the chat (with permission of the chat partner of course). Ready for something seriously bizarre? Then read on:

TalNova Aji: *chuckles* Watching other creatures I see *eyes you curiously*. Also good to see someone exploring VR worlds – but yes I don’t like to watch people who are wanting privacy. Unless you are into that sorta thing *grins* Well hope you are having fun love. Exploring the grid too much. Been on VR worlds too much, it kind of changes you.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well, it was too tempting NOT to have a look into an occupied room called fuck room in a furry club.

TalNova Aji: True but many places for public sex *grins* then again humans amuse me, especially the ones which keep human form when they come to other worlds.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I did not even know what kind of place it is.

TalNova Aji: All kinds of worlds and all kinds of places kinda the beauty of the Universe and Virtual Worlds or Other Earths (Multi-Verse) though then again I get around too much.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): It seems you guys are not just trying to look like dragons and cats of sorts, but really live this as a culture?

TalNova Aji: Yes and many do.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I am along time in SL now, I always knew this exists, and I meet some on brief occasions, but never digged deeper into it or got some sort of inside.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): It seems something a bit withdrawn from the rest, like Gor used to be.

TalNova Aji: Some people are even born into the wrong bodies if you wish to call them that – like how some people feel Male and yet wish to be female. But look how society or religious organization treat them. They mean no harm they just don’t want to be hated or left out.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Oh yes i understand that bit, but do the Furies kinda want to be another body because they don’t like the human form?

TalNova Aji: Gor I tried to understand but for me just feels like some human like being controlled and I knew a women who was into that living in a mansion and being tied up and used. She wanted that wasn’t forced into it.

TalNova Aji: No mostly deals with past lives.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): past life?

TalNova Aji: science is finally understanding sometimes the consciousness lives on and remembers past experiences. Ironically many of my college professors were hiding in the closet. Most of the teachers had past lives – one of them even fought in the civil war, but he enjoyed teaching history because of this.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): OK let me get this right, and I am really trying to be objective as I write about Second Life, but I do have trouble to understand: You guys try to express your past life experiences with those bodies as a furry? Hence some believe they have been dragons or cats in a previous life? Seriously?

TalNova Aji: Yes and I am not talking about the fable dragon – talking about dragons from other worlds like me. I didn’t breathe fire like most of Western Myths go. Just I looked like what you consider a Dragon and had advanced technology. Just imagine other worlds with humans which are far advanced or not. Then again in the future humanity might tinker with changing form to whatever they want. Basically technology lets people express who they really are, meaning they are taking off the mask but sadly in human society they have to put on a Mask. Conventions and meet ups or even this lets people escape for awhile.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Ok, I can understand that Second Life is a great medium to express your inner self with the avatars. OK fine. But you are talking about having been a dragon physically in a previous real life. Did I get this right?

TalNova Aji: Yes and many believe this they just don’t come out and say it because they don’t want to be told they are Insane or crazy etc.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I have to admit this thought crossed my mind.

TalNova Aji: Again study past lives you’ll find it very interesting, especially in regards to children knowing things which they couldn’t possible know or having parents not shown them things and knowing about war and death. Sadly war and death appears to be more frequent due to the pain and suffering – heck that even leaves marks on people who have engaged in war currently by having nightmares.

Reason I remembered my dragon form is past life wars again has nothing to do with Earth just remembering bad experiences – writing about it in a book.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Did you consider this to be the effect of a powerful subconscious instead of memories from a previous life?

TalNova Aji: Also another thing to note I have found others from my past life who were friends of mine – so who knows 🙂 I always question reality or if we are even currently living in a 2D virtual world and that is why things don’t always make sense.

Good Question I believe it deals with Consciousness but the problem is trying to pin point what that is even just like how no one can understand reality.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Are most or even all Furries into this past life believe or are there some who simply do this because its funny? Or as a role play thing?

TalNova Aji: well if they did it because it was funny don’t know why they would be doing it for years. They might tell you it is a role play thing but like I said some don’t want to be seen as crazy.

Some are even trying to figure out ways to get physical form back, just like how some people are wanting to be male or female again when they were forced into a male or female body. Kind of why Virtual Reality will highly take off – cause it will let people escape or let them express who they really are.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well, I personally take anyone in Second Life at face value, so if you look like a dragon you are a dragon to me. I respect your reasons for that, even so I do not believe in a previous life and I actually think it would not a bad thing to double check your mind set with a shrink, just in case.

What i see is a lot of imagination is going into the creation of some of those avatars.

TalNova Aji: Well then guess the many hours of me as a Child refusing to speak human English and acting strangely and the nightmares or the many stories in my mind were all imagination? Personally I wish that was the case as with my friends or others. Personally I wish I was wiped clean then I could rest. Like I said look into past lives and the multi-verse theory.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I will for sure!

TalNova Aji: I always try to keep an Open mind in regards to questioning things kind of why I loved philosophy.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Can I name you in my article or do you prefer to stay anonymous?

TalNova Aji: sure I don’t mind. Ark has been around on SL for a long time.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): First time I see it and I am puzzled there are even Furry Escorts.

TalNova Aji: Why? Escorts for anything really same with real life.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well erotica to me always is something the human form is an essential part.

TalNova Aji: Some use costumes in real life – or machines or even now china, Japan use robots for sexually pleasure or even remote controlling

TalNova Aji: Also erotica can be anything *chuckles* the stuff that really is interesting are the people who will literally throw themselves down a flight of stairs for pleasure or like to freeze arms – legs off. Again just depends but for me. The more something isn’t human or has more limbs you’d think the better the sex would be in virtually being able to feel all of that. Still want to get one of those Virtual Lollipops from Japan – Endless candy.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well at least this culture is more imaginative than these guys wearing tuxedos and do nothing but hang out at Franks.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I guess you guys don’t hang out much at human places

TalNova Aji: Ah, yes franks.

TalNova Aji: I go all over so that isn’t true just like to hang out with other creatures or furry – dragons cause you can relate. Also when you go to conventions it is actually amusing to watch humans looked shock and ask “WHAT IS GOING ON!”

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): There are even conventions for this? In Second Life?

TalNova Aji: especially when people are having a wedding or unaware of furry, dragons being around them at a Hotel . Yes and in real life. Just went to one last week met a bunch of Dragons more then 50 of us – it was nice. Again you’d be shocked on how many don’t actually breathe fire – again not talking about western or eastern myth dragons in fairy books.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I would probably not be that much surprised.

TalNova Aji: Same can be said about vampires. I guess as well they aren’t like the ones people have in movies or books – most just like to drink blood or have the problem where they need blood due to medical reasons or hate being out during the day.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well I think I have enough for my next article haha, plus will do some reasearch on the web

TalNova Aji: good ^.=.^ Also wish you good luck with the research but it can get scary – but again don’t let that stop you. Just keep questioning things and keep an open mind.

Dear readers, what you think about this. Please leave your opinion in the comments!

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  1. To each their own. I’m not a furry but I’m glad they found somewhere where they can feel comfortable and have a good time.

  2. The Ark has always been one of my favorite furries hangouts. Back when I spent more time as in my ocelot avatar, I made quite a couple of friends there.

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