A Day in the Life of an Escort Girl

Franks Jazz Club is one of my favorite place when going out dancing or just sitting there and listen to the music. It is probably the most popular dance club in Second Life. Frank’s is almost an institution in Second life and exists since more than 10 years.

Check it out if you never have been there. Here is the taxi:
Franks Jazz Club

When I have nothing to do, that’s where I go to relax and get to know people. Typically it is leisure time for me, nothing to do with the job.


However, it does sometimes happen at Franks, that a guy approaches me for escort services. Not often though. I never activelly promote myself, but it is written in my profile that i offer sex for money.

Yesterday I was in that mood. I dressed for the occasion with an elegant dress. Classy yet sexy. Almost on the edge of too sexy. Franks Jazz Club enforces a strict dress code.

in Sexy Dress at Franks Jazz Club
in Sexy Dress at Franks Jazz Club

I was asked to dance several times, but my dance partners all vanished after a short while. No idea why, or what happened.

But suddenly Dafridu came online. Dafrido is one of my regulars. He hires me typically just to talk with him about his sexual fantasies.

Only once I actually gave him a hand job till he did cum. On another occasion he wanted me to watch him whilst getting fucked by a dog.

Yes, Second Life can be weird at times.

But hey, if that is what rocks his boat – who am I to judge. I am a whore after all.

This time it was different.

“Hey sweety, I am about to leave for vacation and could do with a quickie to cum before I leave, can you spare 15 minutes?”

I sure can. He paid me 1.000 L$ and sent me a taxi.

He was awaiting me in his apartment. Already naked. As he didn’t have that much time he immediately grabbed me and dragged me on the floor. He didn’t fuck me at first and I thought, ok this is going to be one of these ones.

He laid me over his knee to slap my ass. I know he cums from that kind of stuff.

Ass spanking
Ass spanking

But no, this time he actually fucked me. I had to go on my knees and he fucked me in the ass. Hard and fast, as he didn’t have much time.

Fucked anal
Fucked anal

Ok, that was easy money. Back to Franks Jazz Club after the job was done.

There I met Lisa. Very tall girl with big boobs and apparently bi. She did hit on me, I think she found me very attractive. But honestly, she was not my type really (and certainly a man).

A little later a guy started to chat with me. He wanted to know what I am actually doing in Second Life. I told him about SLA Media, the websites and the new club we recently opened – Caroline’s Mansion.

He got curious about the club. Hence I teleported home, jumped in my “work attire” and sent him a taxi.

Taxi to Caroline’s Mansion

A good opportunity to inaugurate those new lap dance chairs I bought this morning. Those have numerous very sex dance, lap dance and sex animations. Very cool.

Lap dance and pole dance at Caroline's Mansion
Lap dance and pole dance at Caroline’s Mansion

If a guest gets that horny he can fuck the dancer right then and there, doesn’t even need to go to a room.

I danced for him. Seductive, with sensual emotes. It didn’t impress him much. He just went on chatting with me. He inquired where I come from, my age, what I do – that kind of stuff. I thought, hey it is an escort club and a beautiful dancer is trying to get your attention!

After a while I found out what the problem was: He was suspecting I could be a man behind this avatar.

Here my thoughts about that:

The beauty of Second Life or shall I say the very purpose of Second Life is that you can be anyone you like. It is a valid choice if somebody chooses the opposite gender. For Whatever reasons.

That is why I take every avatar at face value. That way I immerse into this virtual world and at the same time I respect other people’s choices in Second Life.

There is a reason for the slogan: Your world, your imagination. Having said that last time I checked I had tits!

We kept chatting about the subject until I actually had to leave for lunch. I explained him, how to easily spot a man behind a female avatar. The more things from the following list apply to a female avatar, the more likely a man is moving her.

  • No payment info on file
  • Always wears the same shoes
  • Has very big tits
  • Always wears sexy mini skirts or lingerie or both
  • Is still not using a mesh body
  • Is strict about never to use voice and puts it in the profile
  • Is a member of several lesbian groups

If all of the above applies, it is almost certain that it is a man who controls that female avatar. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not judging this.

For me that’s perfectly fine.

It just strikes me odd, that most men who want to be a female in Second Life, do not make the effort to create a credible female character.

Those who do make the effort, I simply take him/her and treat her/him as what they have chosen to be.

We agreed to meet again and see what happens then.

Question to my readers:

What are your thoughts about this issue? Is it important to you to know of what gender the person behind any given avatar is? Would you have inworld sex with somebody you know he/she is not the same sex as the avatar?

Any opinions?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments!

Edited by a participants request.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of an Escort Girl

  1. I believe as long as one is honest with their own self, whatever mask you put on will be you in some shape or form whatever that might be. I think it’ll defeat the purpose of the fantasy and the imagination Sl provides if everyone had to reveal the truth, whatever it may be, be it gender, age, nationality, race etc. What you believe is truth for you in sl.

    For example, I have yes met many ‘women’ who behave… Uh differently. They speak differently, and I don’t mean the language English. And you just know it, you’ll never say it to their face, but you know. But then again, I have met a few who, well let’s just put it this way, they feel they are trapped in a different body then what they are from inside. And sl let’s them explore and live this alternate life.

    So just like life, it can be interpreted in both good and bad ways, it’s immersive for some, it’s manipulative for some, it’s second ‘life’ after all.

    Really liked this one,

    P. S. I love quickie doggy fucking too!

    1. Ash

      Thanks for commenting, very wise words.
      And I know you love quickie doggy fucking. Havn’t seen you at the house for some time 🙂


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