Gerry’s Party Lounge 2.0

Gerry’s Party Lounge 2.0

You probably remember my article “lets party”, in which I introduced Gerry’s (Gerhardt) place. If you don’t,  here we go: Lets Party! In the last couple of days, I spoke to Garry and Elly, his Girl Friend,  about a remake of the place. The reason being was,  that Gerry was kind of frustrated about the fact that not many people actually visited the place.

I suggested giving it a theme,  something that distinguishes the place from others, instead of this typical dance-floor-laser-light-bar layout which exists  about three trillion times in Second Life already.

Today he ask me over to see the new place and I must say:

Wow what a change!

The place has now a really great look and feel. On several floors you can either dance, chill in lounge or a terrace or explore this cave like cuddle corner under a huge waterfall. Even a little spa with a massage table and a hot tub is available. In fact there are in total about 2.000 Animations available, from simple sitting animation, cuddle animations, of course lots of cool dancing animations and in certain corners even steaming hot sex animations.

I showed the place to my friend Tristan, to get another opinion and he was equally amazed about the place. Yes,  Tristan is the guy I met at Paradise beach some time ago, and for all the nosy curious ones of you out there: Yes, I see him regularly now.

Gerry is now planning more party events, which I will announce here on the blog. So watch this space, more to come!



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    […] are usually the kind of thing, that gets people to visit a region. However, I know by experience (you might remember my efforts for Gerry’s place) that a club only gets busy, if you host events with life DJ`s.  I believe, if they would make an […]

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