Getting Fucked on the kitchen table

Some of you might remember Benny. He is the guy I wrote about before. He who owns that book store. Read the story here: Benny the book store owner.

We chatted the other day a bit. The topic was sex, of course. One of the things we talked about, was which of our encounters was the hottest so far.

There were only two actually. The one in the forest and once after he had seen me getting fucked by a guest of Caroline’s Mansion.

At the time I was standing in the kitchen of the Mansion. Yes we have that too.

Every house needs a kitchen doesn’t it?

Jessica: So far which encounter or talk did you enjoy most with me.
Benny Soares: The one we dance and I took you back to the mansion.
Benny Soares: And you?
Jessica: The one in the nature when you suddenly disappeared haha.
Benny Soares: Oh!
Jessica: But the one after Franks too.
Benny Soares: My avatar is now much better that that date we had in the florest.
Jessica: I know.
Benny Soares: If you want to repeat one of this days, it would be a pleasure!
Jessica: Well, you like quickies too?
Benny Soares: Why? Are you available now?
Jessica: Well, I am standing in the kitchen, naked, was waiting to get fucked anyway.
Benny Soares: I’ve never tried that!
Benny Soares: Where do you prefer? In the Kitchen?
Jessica: Hmm you could simply come and do it.
Benny Soares: Coming….

Didn’t take long and he stood in the kitchen.

Kitchen of Caroline's Mansion
Kitchen of Caroline’s Mansion

Benny Soares: You look so hot! I think someone cooking naked, is so hot!
Jessica: Thank you, turns you on already?
Benny Soares: Yes.
Jessica: Feel it in real in your cock?
Benny Soares: Cock already hard. Looking at you, thinking how smooth your skin should be…

Jessica smiles and comes closer opens his pants without hesitation and takes his already erected cock in her hand.

Jessica: yes its hard, i like it when a man gets hard just looking at me, imagining that he will have me.

Jessica starts massaging his hard cock slowly up and down, feels how it gets bigger and harder i her hand.

Wanking him Hard
Wanking him Hard

Benny Soares leans my head back and enjoy your cares, your touch….
Benny Soares: mmmmm, Let me take you this!
Jessica opens his pants and helps him strip them off.
Benny Soares: Much better!

Benny Soares enjoys the feeling of our bodies touching, sensing and seeing your nipple touching my arm…. mmm Getting harder!

Jessica rubs him a little harder then turns around goes down and starts licking his cock head in small circles right under its top.

Blowjob at the kitchen table
Blowjob at the kitchen table

Benny Soares grabs your head and help you with the movements of back and forward….

Jessica takes it in her mouth lets it slide through her warm and wet lipps.

Benny Soares: This feels so good! The sensation of your lips on my cock…..

Benny Soares pulls your hair a little harder… my legs starts to shake a little….

Jessica takes it deeper in her mouth, closes her eyes and starts sucking with passion on his cock, tasting some precum, feels it pulsing in her mouth.

Benny Soares pulls you harder, fucking your mouth even deeper….

Benny Soares: That feels so good. Feeling my body almost at the top!

Jessica: Want to take me and fuck tha swollen wet pussy?
Benny Soares: Yes….Please! You look so pretty!

Jessica moans out loud as he penetrates her, looks him in the eyes to see his reaction when he strokes into her body.

Getting fucked on the kitchen table
Getting fucked on the kitchen table

Benny Soares starts very slowly, rubbing the tip of my cock on your clitoris, and sliding down to your pussy…

Jessica feels him deep inside her over and over again, watches his penetrations which makes her even hornier.

Benny Soares penetrates very gently penetrate, and slowly start to increase….

Getting fucked on the kitchen table
Getting fucked on the kitchen table

Jessica: yes fuck me hard and deep. Use that pussy for your pleasure.

Benny Soares grabs your hips hard, and going deeper and faster.

Benny Soares: /me with you hugging me, I kiss your neck and your boobs. I love your smell, your taste….

Getting fucked on the kitchen table
Getting fucked on the kitchen table

Jessica: want to take me from behind??
Benny Soares: Yes….
Jessica: /me moans at very stroke he does i her, hard , deep.,

Benny Soares grabs you hard, and with all my strength go deeper.

Jessica: yes that fucking good

Jessica feels his cock pulsing in her, shivers at every stroke, breathing faster.

Benny Soares: mmmm
Jessica: yes use me, don’t hold back, fuck that pussy till you cum in me, or on my ass.

Getting fucked on the kitchen table
Getting fucked on the kitchen table

Benny Soares:pulls your head back, hard, and rub your clitoris, while I fuck you deeper….

Benny Soares: I’m almost…there!
Benny Soares: mmmmmm

Jessica massages his cock with her muscles feeling he is almost there
Jessica: (real too?)
Benny Soares: Oh my….
Benny Soares: This feels so good.
Benny Soares: /me Your pussy squeezing my cock…. Oh! Yes! I love the kitchen!

Jessica: tell me when you are about too, to shoot it on my ass
Benny Soares: Now!!!!!!
Jessica: yes give to me.

Cumming on my ass
Cumming on my ass

Benny Soares kisses your lips, completely floating on hair…..
Benny Soares: mmmm, wow, Jess this was amazing!
Jessica: Goood, hihi glad you liked it
Benny Soares: Very…
Jessica: (cum in real?)
Benny Soares: (Yes, hard… and you?)
Jessica: (can not to entirely home alone)
Benny Soares: Oh!
Benny Soares: Oh my… the time, I have to open my shop… give me a sec…
Jessica: so on a scale from one to ten compared to other sex encounters you had what was this one?

He said it was an 11 and the definitely the hottest encounter we had so far. In fact the hottest encounter he ever had in Second Life.

All right guys, you know I am working in that Mansion as a whore and afk slut. You want to fuck me on that kitchen table?

Here is the taxi:

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