Getting Started

Day one. Here I am, again walking the grid of Second Life. This time totally broke. Yes I have no money and no intention to actually make any money.

So in order to look good, my first objective was to find some decent free stuff. I mean the new avatars Linden is giving us at orientation island are actually not that bad, but well, no!

It wasn’t very difficult. The best way to get some decent stuff is actually group gifts. Groups are a powerful marketing tool in Second Life. Every In-World brand uses them and tries to make people to subscribe to their group. They lure you with free stuff.

Ok, first things first: I need a skin. I found this one as a group gift at. Maybe not the very best but quite cute. The shape I adapted myself. Yes it is a bit skinny, but I like that.


I need a mesh body. At least when naked. There is one mesh body at “The mesh project” available for free. Got that. It has only one downside: The free version comes without an alpha hud. That menas you might not be able to wear everything with it. But at least when naked (and I will probably be naked a lot) I will look more realistic, more sexy than with a classic body.

Hair I got from a really good brand : Argrace. Cute short hair cut.

Done! I love the result. This is how I look now:


Ready to rock and roll. Stay tune it will certainly be entertaining to follow me.

Here the Slurls to the places where I got my stuff:

Argrace hair

Esode skin

The Shops

New Resident Island



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