Girls just wanna have fun!

On the party at the Magic Dream Angels club I must have been a little drunk. I do remember that Abi booked me and we went upstairs where I served his needs. The next day I went to the club again and two girls started to talk to me. I had no clue who they are and from where they knew me.

One of them called Dreamy, was actually surprised that I did not remember her at all. She helped me with the chat log and as it seems we met at the party. Dreamy works with us too, actually she just started that day and even had her first guest already!

She then told me, that I was dancing topless in the public dance area, which actually explains why Abi got horny all of a sudden. Anyway we got into talking and we discovered we have a lot in common. I got a new friend there. The following day the Region which hosts our Club was not available and the two of us didn’t know what to do as we had planned to work a bit.

She then told me she wanted to show me great shower, which would be perfect to have in the Club. Well, there we tested the shower and one thing lead to the other and we had a great time.

See yourself:


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