Gorean City Victoria on the Vosk

Gorean City Victoria on the Vosk

Today I want to show you some pictures I made in a new role play region. Its the City of Victoria based on the books about the fictive planet of Gor by John Frederick Lange. I wrote articles about the topic some time ago.

This region (role play is conducted in German language) focuses on story line driven role play and admittedly does not exactly portray a Gorean city as described in the books, but made the odd little enhancement for the fun of the players.

Victoria has been build by the same people which brought us Neuville au Mer (which is now closed). Beric and Nea did once again a great job to deliver a spectacular build in Second Life. I do consider playing a role there. But as Gorean role play , and role play in general can be extremely time consuming if you are part of a greater plot, I will choose a side role. One that is not essential for the development of the plot. I keep you posted.

Here the pics I took:

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