Hot Office Fuck after a busy day

Late Sunday  evening. In the office.

Actually I finished for the day. I just published a new blogpost for my “what Hotels are for in Second Life” series. Hence I was thinking about calling it a day and leave the office (log out that is).

But wait a minute lemme check who is  in my chat list online, just being curious…and I saw my married friend being online.

We met before on occasions. I am sort of his secret fuck buddy. It is such a turn on to me when  a guy is actually married and meets me for naughty sex in hotel rooms.

Forbidden fruits are very tasty – just because!
Yes, I am that sort of bitch!

“Jess, you had enough of that today”, I said to myself. And in fact, I got already fucked by four guys during this Sunday afternoon.

Ok, the AFK place doesnt really count.

And nothing wrong with a chat though. He is probably busy with his wife anyway.

“Hey, I altered my looks a little, hope you will like it when we meet next time”, I said.

He wanted to see. Oh oh, I know where this is going.

I did send him a taxi (teleport). Not much to my surprise he came to the office only wearing shorts. Of course he insisted to see all of me to make a judgement. Naked that is.

“Jess, my god you look gorgeous”, he said.

Then without hesitation pushed down his shorts, standing there in the middle of the office with a solid erection.

“You do get me hard only looking at you, probably I know what a good fuck you are,” he said.

Ok, I am getting hot when I see a guy who desires me, especially when he is married and good looking. I could not resist any longer and pushed him towards the copy machine.

Sex in the Office in Second Life
Sex in the Office in Second Life

Here is what happened there (shortened as always):

Him: mmm kissing your neck..hand sliding down…..i love to fuck you know that.

Jessica Yeah, I do indeed.

Him: hand sliding down your ass.mmm is this new body virgin?

Jessica looks at his hard cock, smiles as she sees his arousal.

Him: mmm spreading a do get me hard

Jessica takes his hard cock in here hand and starts wanking him fast up and down

Him: mmm you are such a naughty girl

Jessica I haven’t: got much time but for a quickie is always time.

Him: nodding., groaning as his cock is getting very hard in her hand.

Jessica wanks him faster, watching his reaction. Then takes his cock in her mouth first massaging it with her tongue then starts eagerly sucking on hit.

Sex in the Office in Second Life
Sex in the Office in Second Life

Jessica come fuck me hard and fast till you cum

Him: mmm my pleasure

Him: bending you over…i slide in and thrust..fuck yes.mmm there….god yes

Jessica moans out loud as she feels him penetrating her pussy, cries out at every one of his hard strokes.

Sex in the Office in Second Life
Sex in the Office in Second Life

Him: pumping..hips smacking your ass…taking you ..again and gain. Pumping faster..your tits bouncing as i take you from behind.

Jessica yees i can feel it pulsing

Him: im gonna cum

Jessica (RL?)

Him: yes.

It was short but very hot. Nice finish for a busy day. After he left I shut the office and went to bed smiling.


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