A hot Valentine’s Picnic with Tenderlove

A hot Valentine’s Picnic with Tenderlove

It’s Valentine’s day and I am single! In Second Life that is, real life is another story. But in Second Life I have no Valentine. This is the day when all those couples out there go out with their sweethearts or sweethearts to be and spend a romantic day.

So what does a single girl do in Second Life on this day?

Well I had an idea. I prepared a lovely Valentine’s picnic in my garden behind the film studio. I recently rented that place for the purpose of filing and making photos. That’s actually were my movie „sex in the kitchen „ was filmed.

So I went to marketplace bought the deco and also got myself a very sexy themed outfit. What for you might think? Well, there are others too who are single and don#t know what to do that day. So I checked who is online on my friends list, and there he was: One of our VIP clients at the Magic Dream Angels Club.

I know that he is very lonely himself. Mainly because he is a very shy person. Actually, we at Magic Dream Angels are probably his best, if not only friends in SL. Just the right person for little surprise. He also deserves a little treat, as he sponsors the club and myself quite generously.

It worked!

I invited him over and when he arrived I found him almost breathless. We chatted a while till he said: „Carol I really want you, just looking at you I get very aroused (he actually used another word)“.

Then I had another surprise for him:

I recently acquired what is possibly the best sex hud available for lovers in Second Life. The TenderLove hud! It’s a hud specially made for couples in love hence the best what I can use for a Valentine’s surprise.

Sidenote: If you are into the more hard or kinky stuff, this hud is not for you. It has no BDSM animations, nor can you do threesomes and such. It’s build with romance and love in mind and a focus on nice and sweet animation and a realistic transition between them. If you want to see it in motion watch this film:


So it didn’t take long and we found ourselves making love between beautiful flowers and a waterfall in my natural gardens. I guess this was an encounter he will remember for some time!

Here some pictures:




If you are interested in Tenderlove see datails on marketplace:


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