The hottest Changing Room in Second Life

I went shopping. Nothing special I know. We all do that once in a while. And what is next after a long shopping trip? Right we go somewhere, either our second life home, a sandbox or a changing room to actually unpack our stuff and try it on.

Home is obviously the best option, but most residents in Second Life are actually homeless. So their options are sandboxes or, if their need more privacy, a changing room. The later are similar to sandboxes, but with rooms in the sky one can temporarily use. They even include pose stands.

I usually do that at home. But this time something made me want to try a changing room. Ma regular readers already know where this is going, right?

I wouldn’t be Caroline Resident if would not have something a bit more spicy in mind then a regular changing room. Hence I decided to unpack at home and do the changing in nothing less but the keyhole club’s changing room.

For those not in the know: The keyhole club is a voyeur region. Their motto is „watch and be watched“. Yes, that means having sex in front of other people. Hence the dressing rooms there offer no privacy at all, the opposite is the case: anyone can watch and observe you there.

Sounds exciting? It is I, can tell you. Here is the taxi:

There I went, stripping and dressing for anyone to see who passes. I know my readers, I know what you expect. Stripping off in a club is not what you are used to see from me. You expect more than that, something a bit more naughty.

You are right. After getting dressed in this sexy mini dress and matching shoes I just bought, I invited Jamie over to see and tell me what he thinks of it.

It didn’t take long, until I asked him, if he ever had a quickie in a dress room. Off we went and did it in one of the changing cabins. Believe me it is extremely exciting to do it at a place, where anyone is allowed and able to watch you. To even spice it up a little more, I took the sex talk into open chat for everybody close enough to follow.

It did not’ take long until other visitors IM-ed me, expressing their enjoyment to watch the scene. There was a little extra to this I want to share with you. Once Jamie did cum in me he wanted to lick me clean down there. This seams to be his special kink. He role played that very intense and explicit including swallowing his own cum in front of me. In fact this was the part during which his RL arousal was on it’s peak and what made him cum in real life

What about you guys out there? Ever had sex in public at an unusual? I am sure Cathy my co-writer did, everybody else? What was it like?

Please let us know and share your experience with us.

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As usual some pics off the encounter:

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  1. Hi Carol, a very naughty post again, it sounds pretty exciting and I definitely think I will go to change there very soon. I will tell the story if any uprises.

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