Hunting a Girl in Second Life

Today I have yet another Bad Day Sassy Story for you. If you don’t know what that is, I suggest you read a previous article about it before you continue: Bad Day Sassy Roleplay (opens in new window).

For those in the know, I kinda changed sides for once. Instead of waiting when and were it may happen, I took the active role and became a Bad Day Sassy Tracker.

How did this happen?

Well, on my night on the beach, Jude did actually captured me by accident. He never knew about it, and when I logged in I found myself stuck in the region without being able to TP. That means i had to find someone to help me out.

Yes I could have logged out and use a non-RLV viewer, but hey, BD Sassy is a rpg game of sorts. so I follow the concept without cheating. I approached several residents I found in the area of the Fruit Islands by plane and mini map. Yes, I was flying through the regions looking for those green dots on the map.

It didn’t work out. Suddenly Abraham, an old friend of mine came online, and I asked him over to help me. I explained him what needs to be done. Then the whole thing sparked his interest. I explained how it all works and then I had a fun idea.

„Abi, what you think about trying this yourself?“ I asked, „I have the tracking software too. We go go hunting, I capture one for you and you fuck her brains out whilst I watch and take pictures. „ I continued.

He really liked the idea. So off we went hunting. We chose a German girl which I saw on the radar. She wrote on her profile, that she was up for anything. Just the kind of girl, we like!. Off we went and Tp-td to the region the tracker indicated as her current position.

There she was, a really sexy girl sitting in a beach chair, in a hot bikini. When we passed her, she had no clue what we are up too. She greeted us friendly in German. We looked at each other, smiled and I said for her to hear: „She is cute, what you think, we take her?“

She was startled and ask, what we were talking about. I told her, that we will take her at a nice place to play with her a bit, and seconds later I had her captured, controlled, helpless and putted her hand cuffs on. She was extremely surprised, confused, startled but didn’t really offer much resistance.

We actually thought, she just roleplays the surprised, startled and helpless victim. But the funny thing is: we found out later that, this was her first day with the Bad Day Sassy Cloth on, and her surprise and worries were actually real!

We took her to a skybox, were Abi warmed her up first. After a while she actually got very much into it, very hot, very horny! I was watching the two a while and started undressing me too, to join the fun. The further it went, the more passionate and horny she got. We had a really good time with Lillith.

Here is what we did with her:

I am sure this will not be my last victim.
Hunting season is on, stay tuned!

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  1. Whoa! I can’t believe what i just read, virtual kidnap… but not exactly. Wow. I think i’d better watch my back in SL!

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