I am pretty now!

I am pretty now!

Or at least I thinks so. Ok here we go. I did some freebie shopping.

The majority of the stuff I got at a website called marketplace. If you are new to Second Life, its worth the while to get familiar with this site. Most merchants in Second Life have an online shop there and its just much more comfortable to shop there then having to TP from one shop to the other In-World.

In fact, I have read somewhere on a blog, that there is more business conducted over marketplace (short: MP) than In World! Whether or not that is true,  I don’t know, but I can certainly imagine.


It is quite difficult to find something that really looks nice. But it is possible! Many shops give out free products to gain customers.  Of course they are not going to give out their best stuff, but if you look around a little you can get something that looks ok.

So I got myself:

  1. A Basic Animation Over-rider
    When you just start in Second lIfe the movements and the way your avatar walks looks very clumsy. An animation over-rider , short called AO, overrides the basic animation with movements that are more  sound and soft. There are many AO’s out there from different companies. The one I have is called “Vista Animations Basic Girl AO”. Very basic but enough for now.
  2. Skin and shape called Tiffany
    This on I got at the Freebie Galaxy
  3. Very pretty light blue eyes
    Do not underestimate the importance of your avatars eyes. It might seam a little detail, but it makes a huge difference. Trust me!
  4. Blond short hair
    Ok, here I cheated a little. I actually paid for them 100 Linden. I just could not find any freebie hair which I really liked. Let’s be honest, what’s 73 cents? You cannot even get a beer for that in real life – at least not where I am living (Southern Spain).
  5. Some clothing.

The next step is to go to a so-called Sandbox. That is a public place that allows you to rez things and build stuff. In your inventory you have a Landmark to “Help Island”. There you will find a quite big sandbox.

Once you are there you can unpack your stuff. Usually you find your new items as a prim (called a box) in your “objects” folder or,  if bought on marketplace , in your “received items” folder

You need to to drag and drop the new item you have got to the ground, open it with right click and copy the content to your inventory. Its not really difficult to do. Once you have located the folder of your new product you can wear it. Some products come already in a folder not boxed. Those you can wear immediately.


Here a list of sites that show you were to get the free stuff:



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    El 6 years

    Am not the newest to SL, and you do find occasionally some freebee stuff that looks okay, I guess its just how far you want to go in it, for myself with 4 avatars I think I spend over 1000 Euro to get them upto date, some more than the others, but the end result is what counts right? afterall I dont drink dont smoke dont do drugs so what should be wrong with me, but, its addictive, you find yourself going for that perfect dress that perfect look, you buy, dont like look further spend some more, and the clock ticks the bill runs up. word of advice, dont try to be a fashion queen, follow the links so you get rid of the noobish stuff, hook up with some friends and party, nothing more nothing less, leave the spending for what it is, and enjoy what virtual reality is really about. ciao, an addicted SL fan

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    hello i’ve a freebies blog for men and women http://slwonderland.blogspot.fr/

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    elsidya 6 years

    hello i’ve a fashion freebie blog for men and women…http://slwonderland.blogspot.fr/

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    elsidya 6 years

    I forgot to tell you that you’re in my blogroll …

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