Inauguration of our new Bar by the Pool

My regular readers know that I recently moved to the blake sea. I have now a little moor on Toni’s place right on the northern edge of the blake sea. Toni and I are decorating the house on the hill of his land. He is actually putting in quite some effort to make it a really cozy place whilst I am adding several pieces of fine furniture from various different manufacturers to it. In short: I kinda moved-in with him.

The bar you see in the featured pictures of this post, is out latest addition. There was this corner right above the pool, we didn’t really know what to do with it. The bar actually fits perfectly in there as if the designer had this house in mind.

Talking about the designers, the bar was made by Jodi Morana from Xplicit furnishings who I recently met in her shop. Jodi specializes in making furniture of all kind, mainly beds actually and her most recent release is this bar. For more information about the bar check out marketplace here:

Xplicit furnishings

Or check out their website here:

You might have guessed it already. Its a bar which not only serves as a meeting point for chatting. It has a set of very naughty animations and sequences – naughty even at my standards. You can choose between 7 different scenes and the animations of each scene can be played individual as well using a well organized menu. What I like very much is, that it doesn’t use poseballs at all (like most of my furniture). The poseball-age is probably coming to an end?

It didn’t take me long to actually „test drive“ it. A few days after I showed Abi our new acquisition. After a sitting for while at the bar, checking the drinks menu (the tequila bodyshots are hilarious), Marlene from the Magic Angels Im-ed me and I invited her over too.

Look at the picture, isn’t she gorgeous?




We played a little silly game ,which had to do with taking off cloth piece after piece taking turns. But what started off as such soon turned into a hot threesome right there and then.


I started cleaning glasses afterwards but next evening Toni heard about this he decided to clean up all the glasses from the virtual mess we left behind.


For those of you who want to have this bar too, a word of caution: Be careful with the tequilla bodyshots or you might be ending up like this:


Want to test this piece of xplicit furniture? Come to our place for a drink or two at the bar! Simply leave a comment here with your username and I get in touch with you when I am In-World and I send you an invite!

2 thoughts on “Inauguration of our new Bar by the Pool”

  1. I love your blog, Caroline! I’m new to SL but have already learned a lot here 😉 I’d really enjoy swinging by the bar and saying hi.

    Tx so much

  2. I would love to stop by sometime and have a drink and test drive an animation or two.

    Thanks for the invite.

    Looking forward to it.

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