The Indecent Proposal – Temptation in the Office

I was very tempted to do it.

Do what? Taking somebody’s money for having sex with me. I have to admit, the imagination did excite me, aroused me. The guy had already his arms around me, with one hand caressing my breast, whilst negotiating the price.

How did that happen?

I have a small apartment now. It is 3.000 meters up in the sky on the premises of Caroline Resident, CEO of SLA Media. She gave it to me for free, as I am writing for SLA Media.

Not bad for a freebie. Small but pretty and sufficiently furnited.

I was never really interested what Caroline is doing on the ground. I have been there maybe twice, just to have a quick look. There is actually an escort club called “Caroline’s Mansion”.

I know there is quite a bit of whoring going on.

Until recently that never bothered me. The people who TPed to the ground landed in the sex club, and I had my landmark for the apartment.

But now Caroline changed something.

Everybody who teleports to the parcel, is routed to a skybox on 1.000 meters hight. It is a showroom and office for one of the products SLA Media promote: The online sex game 3dxchat.

From there people can teleport to the ground (or myself to my apartment).

Yesterday I teleported to the parcel, still dressed for going out dancing in a classy Jazz Club called Frank’s. I landed in said skybox. It was then when I coincided with a guest called Sidney. I knew he was here because of that club on the ground.

I was leaning at the copy machine, when he approached me.
“What a sex lady you are”, he said and came closer.

He took me in the arm and started to fondle on my dress, caressing my tits. Then turned me around to touch my bum too. I was sure he thought I am working at the club as an escort girl.

I started teasing him a little by saying:

“Well, I do work here occasionally, I guess you know our rates?”

He claimed not to and asked for a rate card. Obviously I didn’t have one. Quickly I opened the group message center and found something suitable. I passed him a general notecard which Caroline passed around sometime ago. It was about new policies at the club.

That did do the trick.

“Ok, so it is 1.000 L$ minimum for an hour, sounds ok to me. I will have you right here at the copy machine. It’s a cool scenario and the boss is not here at the moment!”

I laughed and said:

“Maybe next time, I have to log out in a few minutes, have some work to do in RL”, I answered.

I got out of this one. But it was tempting actual, exciting and so naughty. What you think? Shall I try when there is another opportunity?


It didn’t take long to have yet another opportunity. It was actually the same guy who IMed me then.

“Are you available?” He inquired, believing that I actually work at the club on the ground. I explained him that I actually do not work there. I write for SLA Media, but I am not involved at all with their escort activities on the ground.

He said: “Well it is s shame you are a very exciting woman”.“ I might make an exception I am really tempted to try this at least once”, I heard myself saying.

“TP me”, he demanded.

Ok, I have done that step. I couldn’t get out of that one easily now. I dressed for the occasion in a nice piece of lingerie, sat on the bed waiting for him to come to my apartment.

So he did. After a short discussion about the price he paid me. I have to admit, it was exciting. I might do that again sometimes. Not as a true professional, but if the opportunity is there – why not.

My First Sex for Money Experience as a MILF in Second Life

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    1. Hello Spike,

      this has nothing to do with the domain. You need to check at your end and delete the redirect, your wordpress installation is still trying to do. Or you are using an RSS feed on twitter with this domain.


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