The Indecent Proposal

SLA Porn productions needed an investor. Or better two investors. What for, you might ask. Simple answer: It does cost money to promote a website.

One of the easiest ways to get this so important, initial traffic is simply buying it from other related websites. But I will not bore you with details about online marketing in this post, I rather tell you how I got the first investment in our new venture, a machinima porn production company.

Those who read my blog regularly, know about my friend Uwe. I know him since the days I worked as an escort girl at Magic Angels. In fact he was a regular client back then.

What you need to know is, that Uwe is a very sex driven person. In fact everything he does in Second Life has to do with his enormous sex drive. He actually sponsors Magic Angels every month in return for sexual favors of the owners. He also hires escorts on a regular basis to satisfy his lust. I actually lost count of how often this man fucked me already.

When me and Catherine Palen started this project, it was clear we need money to get this going. It was only logical to approach Uwe to be part of this. First of all he can easily afford an investment and secondly the very nature of our business will get his attention.

1.000.000 L$ (yes, that is one million), is the price tag I did put for a share in SLA Porn productions. A lot of Linden you might think. Actually it is not that much, considering that I bring in an established website which has a considerable amount of traffic. Heck, I should have asked for 2 Million.

He was thinking about the proposal for some time. In the end he said, well why not, what is the worst that can happen? To loose a million L$ whilst having a lot of fun with porn babes. Not a bad way to loose money. Best case scenario? Getting an actually considerable return on investment, if the plan works out.

Yesterday, we met at my place. He was almost ready to go for it. I should him around my little new home at Saratoga Springs. I ended the tour in my bedroom. For a reason. He said: „I will most likely exchange the cash tonight and then we celebrate the occasion in the appropriate frame“. What he meant by that is having sex of course.

„Well, isn’t my bedroom the appropriate frame, right now?“. Said it and took off my sweater and striped of my leather jeans. I think his hearts skipped a beat when he saw me in my new very sexy piece of black lingerie.


„You are bad, Caroline“, he said, „just looking at you I get a hard on already!“ I smiled and indicated towards the bed. „Make yourself comfortable“, I said with a cheeky smile on my face. He followed the suggestion, and laid on my bed.

I was standing in front of the bed, seductively moving my hot ass asking: „You know how to motivate me to join you there, don’t you?“

„Oh my god, I really want you now, but that means I need to finalize our deal right now.“ I simply answered: „You know that getting paid for it is a huge turn on to me“.

Just minutes later I became a Linden-millionaire.

9 thoughts on “The Indecent Proposal

  1. Hello Steven,

    I am actually quite surprised, that it took more than 4 years, until somebody is making a comment like you did. Honestly, I was expecting that to happen when I first started my series about becoming an escort girl.

    However you missed the point in this one. It is not about escorting, it is about my new storyline, the foundation of a porn production company. I appreciate that there might be different views about porn and porn producers, but one thing is certain: It makes money, it doesn’t hurt anybody and it is a cool story.

    If you feel offended by such content, I suggest you read something else.
    The bible maybe? Check out the part about Maria Magdalena, and the story where some guys wanted to stone a prostitude – interesting read indeed!

    Oh, and keep commenting! Google loves user generated content and rewards activ blogs with better rankings.


    Caroline Resident
    Porn producer by profession
    Whore by dedication

  2. Well good for you miss whore, at the end of the day what does it matter, you obv have no rl, no bf gf no love just fucking and money, true definition of thea whore aand you are one
    Enjoy while you have it, doesn’t really matter in theeend, they are all going to fuck you and you’re going to fuck them other way, no connection or love.
    I used to envy you, now I pity you!

    1. Alright Mr douchebag 🙂
      Not really want to create any drama here on the website but it’d be better if you stop cursing and shouting!
      I know you aren’t satisfied with your small dick mate XD but you know, the thing which disappoints me is your small brain 🙂
      First of all, It’s Her Blog! Her Second life!
      Second of all, Whatever you think she is, she is a woman, now you wouldn’t like if someone treats your mother like that, would you now 🙂
      Do a favor and next time keep your frustration to yourself, no one likes a whiny one!
      As for you my dear, Congratulations and I wish you a very sweet awesome fantastic journey ahead! Even I’m thinking of settling in with my wife, so let me know how the community is there 🙂
      Have a Beautiful day and keep the lovely posts coming! Kisses x

        1. Sure will 🙂
          Mmmm As always you’re as feisty and fiery as you are calm and composed my dear. Hoping to chat up soon!!
          Always wanted to settle in a living breathing sl town with lots of people and a good healthy environment and by the looks of it, I’d say it looks pretty good!
          Wish you and Cathy lots of luck (and some good ol’ fuck) on the production journey!
          Keep being amazing, You both always are x

          1. Hi Ash,

            there is no point in answering in the same style. Not my class and most importantly: The style of a comment about somebody else, tells the reader far more about the person who wrote the comment, than about the person the comment is about.

            Give me a shout when you are in Saratoga Springs, I give you the tour 🙂


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