Inspecting the Italian Room

It was topless day at the Magic Dream Angels club when I was sitting with Rebecca at our new tiki bar. Rebecca is one of the angels at the club, an escort girl. We were sitting there all alone again, so I told people on my friends list, that its topless day.

Raza actually came around to say hello and we had a bit of chat. After a while he asked Rebecca which is her favorite room on the property. The Italian room, was her answer and I added: „If you want you can „inspect“ the room with her. He laughed and said: „Sitting here with two sex ladies does actually make me horny“. He then booked both of us for an „inspection“of the Italian room:

We must have been pretty good because he actually said it was a long time since he actually had an orgasm having sexi in Second Life.

This is what we did to him:

For all of you who fancy a similar experience, here the taxi to Magic Dream Angels

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