Introducing Kris Summer

Introducing Kris Summer

I think I am going to be quite busy from now on. I probably won´t need nor will I have time for new clients. In addition to our existing regulars at the Magic Dream Angels Club, I will serve an interesting woman to explore our sexual desires and fantasies.

What happened?

About a week ago, this woman came to the club asking for me, several times actually. So I contacted her and we met at the club. We had a good talk and felt we have a lot in common, the chemistry was good from the very first moment on. She told me, that she is a great fan of my writings, reads every story I write, follows me on twitter and even „gets off“ reading my blogposts.

At first this was a little scary. It did sound a little obsessive and I do have my share of trouble with stalkers. But my reservations calmed down wehn she actually paid me for having talked to me! She made clear that she has no problem paying me, in fact would be more exciting that way for both of us.

The next day we met again, and she came up with an interesting proposal. Our encounters should not start with money every time we meet, hence she suggested to „open an account“ and pay me upfront. At first it was a weekly arrangement, but later the day, she changed that to a monthly payment. Weekly seamed to cheap for her taste.

The deal is simple: She pays me an „allowance“of about 30.000 LD per month and in exchange we explore sexual adventures together whenever possible, without limits and I write about them here on Second Life Adventures. I think I am now what is called a „kept woman“, right?

So, dear readers, here is the new Co-pilot of my adventures in Second Life: Kris Summer! you will read about her and me very frequently. I am very excited to what this might lead eventually.

She had to leave that night to attend something in RL (she is on east coast time), but assured me to come back. This gave me the opportunity to get prepared for her. I wanted to drive her crazy when she comes back online. So I reserved our most beautiful skybox and dressed up in sexy lingerie for her.

She shall always remember our first time!


And yes, it went really great, she is a wild one in bed I can tell you. She came twice that evening. We has some wild , passionate sex in the skyboxe for more than an hour and continued later on the beach with some sweet and tender cuddling besides the camp fire.


Question to my readers:

Give me some ideas what to explore with her next! Remember she said no limits, whatever it is we will try it at least once. What do you guys suggest we shall explore? Any suggestions? Whatever it might be, you will read about it!

Please leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

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    Landon 3 years

    Love the posts Caroline and I hope you keep them up. Do you ever consider posting your chat .txt files from some of your adventures? Would love to read how hot those get!

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