Invite at Del’s place

Dear Carol’s readers,

You have probably heard of Del, he is one of Caroline’s friends.The man is owning a very nice private beach on which he invites some friends for, let’s say “private” parties. I caught a glimpse of this nice place on Caroline’s twitter account and asked her if I could get an invite one day.

A week later, I saw that Carol was online and so I called her … she was there and proposed me to join on the paradise island. I was with Kod at the time, Kod is one of my best friend in Secondlife and certainly the oldest one. Caroline invited him as well and we were soon around the fire. There were apart from me, Kod and Caroline: Del himself, his new girlfriend Lena, and guess what … his former girlfriend Kimmi. Well here you can already say that those guys are really open-minded.


We received a very warm welcome and I take the opportunity to thank Del for his hospitality. We had a friendly chat, while I admired the beauty of the place, it was even better than in the shots I had seen previously. The white sand, the high quality furnitures, I was dreaming … my only problem as very often, was that I get again very laggy. Still I managed to discuss with them properly.

Unfortunately, it was starting to get pretty late and all our hosts started to … move back to their real life. Caroline, Del and Lena left. We were just Kod, myself and Kimmi. I do not know how, probably Kod’s fault again :-), we started to talk about sex. Kod was kidding me, he knew I was in the mood, he always knows it actually, he has a sort of 6th sense for that … well coming out of the blue, Kimmi told us she would enjoy seeing both of us have sex in front of her. It reminded me a recent post of Caroline: Having an audience is very hot. I have to admit I liked it a lot and Kimmi’s proposal was too tempting to refuse. She actually showed us the way to the beach and set herself in a deckchair while she motioned elegantly to the other one for me and Kod.


It is a strange experience at the beginning: I spent my time looking at Kimmi who was actually staring at us. It was a bit intimidating at the beginning, but as soon as I was in action, it became a powerful turn-on. It actually did not take us time to throw all our clothes on the sand of the beach and to offer a real show to Kimmi.

Kod was simply amazing, probably he felt the same as me, and being watched made him an amzing lover. I told him at one stage to go to Kimmi and take care of her craving body … It did not take long to Kod to send her to heaven and more than one time ! 


Kimmi left us apparently happy and exhausted, while Kod and I continued to enjoy the deserted beach for some time. It was a long time I did not do it on the beach, and I really had a lot of fun !!

Being watch is definitely something I like … I even think I could enjoy being a voyeur. And you dear readers, what do you prefer: Only with your lover ? With some audience ? Being the audience ? Let us know !!



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