Is there demand for Escort Girls in Second Life?

Is there demand for Escort Girls in Second Life?

I have been visiting several Escort Clubs  in Second Life by now and I took a job in a bar in the red light district.  All the places  I visited had one thing in common: no clients! On the other side of the coin, I saw lots of advertising boards for escort girls.

They look like this:

Advertising Board for Escort Girls

Adverts for Escorts

You can find them in all regions where escort services are offered. This one is actually on dedicated escort advertising region. So not only that there is little demand, in addition there is a lot of competition! It feels as if there are more escorts in Second Life than clients.

I have not finished my investigations yet. I still want to talk to some insiders such as Escort Girls, Club owners and the likes, but so far my pre-conclusion  is: the escort business in Second Life is dead, dead, dead!

It doesn’t surprise me really, I almost expected this to be the outcome, i might be wrong though.

There is actually a quick way to find out, how much something may be in demand.  We  know that people use Search Engines to find out stuff about Second Life. In fact this blog gets hits from Google under Second Life related search terms as well.

Here a list of search terms relater to the topic escorts, people used when they found this blog. The number behind the term is the amount of views related to the search term. In other words: 24 people searched for “the best escort in second life” and found my blog (which ranks first page under most of these search terms).

  • the best escort in second life 24
  • second life escort 4
  • sex on second life 4
  • confessions of an escort 3
  • escort confessions 2
  • sex in second life 2
  • escorting in second life 2
  • how much is secondlife escort 2
  • escort freebies 1

Google also  is offering a tool, which allows you to find out how often a certain phrase is searched for in Google. I checked it out:

The term “second life sex” as an exact phrase is searched for 6.600 times per month, whilst the term “second life escort” is searched for only 210 times per month. If you expand this to a broad search (means including all possible variations and combinations of the search term) you end up with 18.000 searches for “sex in second life” and only 1.000 searches for phrases related to second life escort.

In conclusion: yes there is demand for escorts in second life, but very little. The reason seams obvious: There is so much free adult content in Second Life, that it simply makes no sense to pay for adult entertainment.

Really? No, wait a minute!

Adult entertainment is not limited to Escorting right? What a about porn? Think about it: There are about 18.000 searches done for “second life sex” and about 4.000 searches for “second life porn” done every month.

That sounds like the better option. What do you think? How could one turn all this obvious demand into money? Anyone got an idea for a business model?


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    I’m a Second Life escort. We can talk about it if you wish.


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    Syo Emerald 5 years

    You have already an opinion (based on experiance that doesn’t really cover “it” and a false base of how to mesure the demand on escorts in general). I’m saying you are wrong, Caroline, but you won’t get any suggestions or good interviewpartners that way.

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    Its not a final opinion, as I said. I based this strongly on an analysis of Google search demand and on traffic on this blog.

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    Syo Emerald 5 years

    I don’t think one blog is statistically relevant to base an opinion on it. I could name you a few blogs that are centered around SL porn movies, some of them had already 1,5 Milion clicks, but that doesn’t mean that most people in SL are interested in it. Also I highly question if Google is a useable tool to mesure the demand of SL escorts, because I don’t think people search the web for it…they use the inworld search + already know from others where to go to.

    There are 3 different reasons why I doubt that escort business is a dying thing:

    1. I still know places that run well.
    2. I know and see quite a lot escorts and some have put a lot of time and money into advertising and making their avatar sexy. I don’t believe they would still do all that, if escorting would be a dead thing.
    3. Own experiance.

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    That’s not a blog, that’s google trends: it shows how the search “second life escort” has decreased through the years.

    But… I’m a second life escort, I still living my fantasies… people still want to be pleased by me…
    It’s still running, for sure.

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      Syo Emerald 5 years

      Please read carefully before you answer. Caroline took the traffic inside this blog(!) as a faild source of how high the demand for SL escorts is, which I said can’t be taken as faild enough. In addition to that I also said that Google is also NOT a good choice to determine the demand.

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    The demands for escort girls appears to be diminished but there can always be a change for better times in the future.

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    Google analysis tools are amazingly great for looking at what people do on google.

    Its great for finding out how many outside people are paying attention to Second Life.

    What your information really tells us is that the outside world is no longer associating Second Life with hookers anymore.

    As for inside SL, what is busy – you have to look at a combination of things. Starting with traffic on search – but that just gets venues. You can then couple it with looking at feeds on, but that just gets people who stay up with how SL works now, so you then have to start talking to the Johns and the hookers…
    – and that’s going to be very hard to track.

    Not all of them operate out of some cheesy venue with a wall of photoshopped images. 🙂

    When I first got to SL, I was getting approached all the time by people looking for an escort to either hire or pimp out. That hasn’t happened to me for a few years now. Granted you’d be seriously stupid to approach my avatar in that way – it would show a person who doesn’t even pay attention to the first thing about who their approaching.

    BUT I have alts, and they’re not so known. And they have an assortment of appearances to them. And none of them get approached.

    Sure, I don’t hang out in “those places” anymore – but back in the day it didn’t matter where I was. Sometimes I’d even be sitting AFK on my build platform and come back to see a chat log from someone who had not been within detection range of my land…

    But all that really tells me is that it is probable that this industry is no longer randomly trying to hire anyone. That it is now either shrinking, not growing, or smarter and more selective.
    – Probably all of those things depending on where one goes to look.

    But, the research has to be inworld, and not via Google.

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    Online Adult Chat 4 years

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