It is part of the Job

“We have to talk”.

 It feels always a bit scary when your boss says those words, doesn’t it. Caroline Resident, CEO of SLA Media, asked me to come to the bar in the new mansion.

I had no idea what she wanted.

Have I done anything wrong? Is my performance not good enough? Did we get complains? All this was running through my head when I walked up the stairs of the mansion.

It wasn’t anything like that.

“Jess, you need to do me favour,” she said. “The other day I went sailing with one of my clients. His name is Dave.”

She looked at me rather serious , then continued:

“He is not only a 3DXchat client. He is actually one of my oldest regulars as an escort. He typically pays well for a good fuck. After our sailing trip, he asked me for sex in 3dxchat.”

“Oh, did you do it?”, I wondered.

“No, she replied, “It’s you he wants. He saw you a couple of days ago in the showroom and ever since he is keen to fuck you. I told him I will make an arrangement”.

She smiled cheekily.

“ I know you have been trying your luck as a whore recently. And quite frankly: It is part of the job.”

I was speechless at first.

Yes, it is true. I was using sex to get sales and to keep my customers happy. I also did it for cash three times already. But being sold by your boss is different.

Of course I had no idea who this guy is. Caroline asks me to fuck with a total stranger. Well, I have done that before too actually.

“Ok, I will do it, when will I meet him?” I heard myself saying and wondered if I really said that.

Caroline replied: “Of course you will, he actually already paid for it and is waiting for you now in 3dxchat. He wants to meet you on the 3DXChat yacht by the pool on the front deck.”

I wonder if Caroline ever would accept a no as an answer. Maybe not.

Minutes later I was on the 3dxchat yacht. Well, actually beside the yacht. When landing I felt into the water. I had to swim to the ladder.

There was Dave standing, laughing and reached out helping me on board.

“Hello Jessica, nice to meet you here, com on get on board”

At least the ice was broken and I had a very good reason to get out of cloth. He brought me to the small whirlpool on the front deck. When he took of his cloth I noticed he already had an erection.

“Oh, looks like you are really happy to see me”, I remarked laughing.

It didn’t take me long to get started. At first taking his hardening cock in my hand and gently massaging it.

3DXchat Sex on the Yacht
3DXchat Sex on the Yacht

“Oh this is nice”, he said, “I heard you do fabolous blowjobs”.

All right, Caroline sold him well. I proceeded giving him a nice and passionate blowjob, until he said: “Jess, let’s go somewhere more private, I need to fuck you now.”

We went to his home where we fucked for hours. He first came in my pussy. Shortly after he got hard again and used my ass to cum again.

The first time was actually very hot. The second was basically just letting him have his way and use my ass.

Well, as Caroline did put it:

It’s  part of the job!

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  1. Your avi in 3dxchat is so sexy, Jess – is that an extra purchase like it would be in SL or does that come with your monthly subscription fee?

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