I had a threesome with James Bond

I had a threesome with James Bond

Dear Carol’s readers,

This story happened quite a long time ago but I did not have time up to now to tell you what happened that day, let’s fix that.

When I arrived on the grid, I went to the Mansion to check what was happening there, if some people or couples were meeting in the classy settings of the club. It was actually quite calm, there was only one man who seemed a bit lost. I decided he needed my help and engaged the conversation with this elegant gentleman, who I learnt was called James. I really like his first name actually, it sounds charming and adventurous, like the famous spy of the MI6. He invited me for a drink and ordered a bottle of wine, it was a bit disappointing, I was expecting a shaken Martini … maybe he is not a spy after all.

We were discussing for some time about our respective life when Carol arrived with some company: there were Uwe and a black girl who apparently was a prostitute, an acquaintance of Uwe. James and I joined them to the bar and chatted with them. It was a very playful atmosphere, some nice sexy jokes exchanged and people laughing all the time. I was really enjoying myself.

I started to flirt with James and  Uwe at the same time  (maybe you remember Uwe, I met him at the mansion during a very wild party), and I soon started to feel these little enjoyable butterflies in my tummy … I had this idea in mind since quite a long time, and this adventure that Caroline reported some time ago, made me even more eager to give it a try: make love to two men … at the same time. Would Uwe and James, my seductive spy, be into this ? I started to drive the conversation to check, as subtly as I could manage in my state of mind. And yes that is true, I removed my yellow shirt to try to beat the competition.

bond003I got some hints that they could be interested. From here I had only one way to be sure, so I risked a move. I took one of their hands in each of mines and stared at them in the eyes … one after the other, and both of them smiled. They seemed to understand what I had in mind.

I led them, pulling them by their hands, to one of the room of the mansion I knew for certain we could entertain all together. They did not offer any resistance and followed me very willingly. We entered the room, I thought all the time we spent to get there “I am actually doing it, I am actually doing it !” The mind is definitely an erogenous zone, it is so powerful and I was at that time very horny.

Uwe closed carefully the door behind us, and I walked towards the only furniture of the room, a vast sofa-carpet with comfortable pillows. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a few seconds “this is about to happen” I told to myself. I looked back, James and Uwe were stripping in a corner of the large room It did not take them much time actually.

They started to approach me with wide smiles, I answered with my best smile feeling goose bumps growing on my skin. Their own arousal was very obvious, if you see what I mean, and it was very enjoyable to see that. Uwe faced me and pushed down on my shoulder to make me kneel, while I could feel James behind me. Both kneeled with me and I soon started to feel their hands all over my body. Two hands are good, but imagine four … Simply delicious.


I soon lost completely the control of the situation; it is probably the price to pay when you provoke two horny men. James grabbed my arms and they stripped me from my short-pants. Uwe made me to take care of his impressive erection in my mouth, James enjoying probably a very good view of my bottom in the mean time. I felt at the same time powerless and very excited.


I felt like a leaf in their powerful arms, they moved around, swapped position … I was horny like hell and enjoyed this a lot, I was in heaven … maybe in hell actually.

I needed a good bath after this hot session to relax my sore muscles and clean-up the mess. It was an interesting experience but I felt a bit overwhelmed though, it is much harder to emote properly with two men at the same time, especially when they are very eager and active. I did my best, but I can understand the difficulties Carol faced when trying to satisfy six … a real challenge indeed.

Will I do it again? Certainly!

If you experienced something similar, from a male or female perspective, please share your views with a little comment. I would be interested to know how you can cope in such a situation, getting your tips to be better next time.



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    Seri D 3 years

    Naughty Catherine! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! And why wouldn’t you, enjoying two delicious men? Yum yum!

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    Kitten 2 years

    I am not a part of SL (yet), but I’ve been thinking about joining and reading online guides. I’m bisexual in RL and watching realistic lesbian sex scenes (NOT the XXX hardcore pornography made by and marketed toward men) arouses me so much more than watching heterosexual sex scenes. In fact, after reading Cathy’s description of her “first time” with you and your own with the woman at the bar, I definitely needed to change my panties!

    With the discussion regarding the escort economy in SL, I began to wonder if you’d ever considered making videos of your adventures and marketing them on the site (I have no idea whether or not this is even possible) – or perhaps videos of detailed how-to guides. Because, as a player of The Sims 3, I’m still unsure about the mechanics even after reading your post for newbies. (In TS3, which is a single-player game, you first click on the other Sim, click romantic interactions, and then click “shy kiss” or “kiss passionately” or “make out” or “woo-hoo”/have sex). If you don’t have a list of “clickable” interactions, do you use the mouse/keyboard to direct your avatar’s actions (like in Grand Theft Auto)? Or does the program recognize a variety of commands depending on which in-game objects are available? How do you, for example, merely suck on another avatar’s nipple versus gently biting that avatar’s nipple between your teeth and slowly pulling on it? Or does that depend on the “emoting” (ie, there may be a graphic displaying one avatar with her lips around the other avatar’s nipple/breast, but the specific details are dependent on the SL player’s imagination and can only be described in text format – like traditional cybersex)?

    I know I’ve asked a lot of questions here, but I just have one more! When, in your adventues, you write that “we were both able to achieve satisfying climaxes,” do you mean in the game or in real life? Because, really, what would be the point of having imaginary sex in SL if the interaction didn’t result in your avatar having a climax? And while I know you mentioned that most men jerk off during simulated sex in SL, is this also true of women (especially if it’s two women together)? It seems like emoting and (possibly?) controlling the on-screen visuals would involve far too much interruption to masturbate at the same time! Or does it mirror the traditional gender experience of viewing/reading pornographic material – men will masturbate while watching a video or looking at a picture or reading a story but women will use those things to become aroused and perhaps to revisit later while touching themselves?

    Every seasoned SL player is probably having a good laugh at my expense with this post. Sorry – you just seem so much more approachable and kind than most people who maintain SL websites, and your answer to my sex questions will actually answer a lot of my other questions regarding SL. Thank you so much – for the help and for the scenes I’ll revisit later in my mind! 😉


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      Dear Kitten,

      I know your question is more addressed to Caroline, but I would like to give you my point of view. First of all, I seriously doubt any player will have a laugh at your expense, not even the most skilled players. The questions you raised, all of us had them at one time or another in their second life, me included definitely.

      So basically, what you are asking is how to make love in Second Life, actually a very good question. I will start with the technicalities, I do not feel this is the most important thing, but it can definitely help to project yourself in an erotic scene. The way it is working in second life is based on pre-defined animations. Many furnitures (beds mainly) embed some sex animations. Basically the only thing you need to do is to click on the furniture and “sit” your avatar and your partner and their respective pose balls. Then, one of you will choose the different poses you want to play. Designers will attach different poses to their furnitures, so from one builder to another, you will have different choices and results in terms of animations. For a better experience, it is better to know the furniture and its animations as they are pre-defined, before asking a lover to join in a steamy session.

      The most important thing, for me at least, is the emoting part. As the animations are driving your avatar and the one of your partner, you can focus of your emotion and try to reach emotionally the other human being who is playing with you. You share your feelings, your sensations, you enhance the graphics that you see with additional details … actually you build a fantasy based on what you see. This is where it becomes erotic, far from pixel-porn, it becomes a true love session between two adults. Is it an arousing experience? Yes, definitely, it does not have to come to intimates caress to make me getting aroused. Sometimes there is a climax, sometimes not, but each time I keep with me a nice memory.

      Caroline has summed up all this in her excellent post “How to have sex in Second Life”. This is a good place to start if you want to know more. However my last advice is to have someone to initiate you in-world, this is what most of us did, and it is how you can learn what it is to have true love in Second Life.

      I hope it answered some of your questions.


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    Cathy, interested in your and Kitten’s conversation and for my part its just as important to have animations that you can control so you can adjust to suit you both, for instance I hate it when the oral animations are way out of plumb, this is a real turnoff as I very much enjoy oral sex, its just or more important for me to satisfy a woman that way than by penetration….. Role play is important too for arousal but to me the animation correctness is more important.

    PS you don’t have to own your own rug or bed because all animations can be adjusted by the user if its left open to all. Personally I would not use furnishings that has been set and locked by the establishment now. I certainly get now thrill by poking my penis through my woman’s forehead!

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    I agree with you the animation correctness is important, actually I think the level of perfection we have to reach is when both participants feel aroused by the scene they are seeing. From this point, you can focus into the role you are into. If the animations, or the position of your character does not satisfy you, then I can understand you are not able to project yourself into the scene. So to me, it is more a personal feeling than a rule. Do not forget the goal is to have fun, so … ask your partner what they feel and find the good balance between graphical perfection, time spent to reach it, and role play quality.
    Good luck to all, but it is not that difficult if you listen to your partner all along.

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