Joy Needs it – Joy Gets it

Joy Needs it – Joy Gets it

My regular readers certainly remember Joy. Joy was Dainiz girl friend at the time I was running the Caroline’s Swinger Mansion. Check it out: The Joy Story.

A few days ago I was chatting with Joy. I told her about my plans to set up a porn production company in Second Life. To my surprise she expressed her interest in staring in such a movie herself. I always thought of her being the more conservative type of girl not so much on the naughty side. Well, she was escorting as well, back in the days at magic angels, but still I did not think of her as a wild one.

I was probably wrong with that.

I said to her: „Look this is not like having sex with a boy friend. It is not about getting in the mood, play around and such. It is more like fuck on command, there and then on 1,2, 3 …camera“.

„That is actually what intrigues me“, she responded, „the thought of that actually arouses me“, she continued.

„Would you want to do that right now? Simply been taken, there and then?“ I inquired, and already had a naughty idea in my head. „I would so love that now, whilst you watching me getting fucked“, she confirmed.

I offered her to come to my place. When she entered I said with tongue in cheek: „Its your lucky day, take your dress of and go into the kitchen, somebody is waiting for you there“.

A bit nervous, but excited she complied. In the kitchen there was somebody waiting to give her what she needed.

There and then! Not much talking, no questions asked, just straight into action, getting fucked. She enJoyed it very much I guess.

Anyone in for such experience?
Leave a comment with your user name and I make it happen for you!

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    Ash wizardly 1 year

    Oh I’m very much imy interested Carol, do IM me 🙂 Best of luck in your new adventures hunnie, would love taking part in it as well!
    And Cathy, Hope you’re doing great dear 🙂

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