The Joy Story or Quo Vadis Caroline?

What happened to Caroline’s Swinger Mansion is the main question of my readers nowadays.

Well, here is the story:

The very first version of the club, was on a homestead. When I met Dainiz K. some time ago, he actually offered to become an additional partner in this venture. At the time it was owned by myself and Uwe Dufeaux. He invested a fair amount into the venture, which allowed me to make some more advertising (online mainly) and to finance the tier of the SIM for two more month. All went fairly good, member base increased and we started to have revenues.

Then trouble on sight: another woman arrived on the scene and settled in Dainiz Second Life.

I don’t know if you heard this before, but two women being to close to the same man is potential drama. Don’t believe me? Go try it and see how much fun you will have. Two men around the same woman is equally, lets say, “conflictive”. Now at the mansion we had both situations.

Joy is her name. Joy used to be working at Magic Dream Angels as an Escort Girl. Nothing wrong with that, I did work there as well, as most of you might remember from previous articles. But trouble starts, when one of the partners (Uwe D.) is actually a regular client of hers.

Ok guys, imagine this situation: You have a new girl in your life, who used to be an escort girl and your business partner is a regular client of hers. Fun isn’t it? Its particularly funny when your partner brags about having fucked her and actually insists on having sex with her.

At least that was Dainiz perspective. Uwe saw the situation totally different of course: He did not even know that Joy and Dainiz became a couple. In fact he was under the impression that he is “different to her other clients” and that between him and Joy developed some sort of relationship, which would no longer involve having to pay her.

Dainiz actually made an agreement with Joy. Dainiz is that sort of a person. Everything must be structured and based on clear agreements. This agreement initially included certain “relationship conditions”. Why do I think of Sheldon Cooper from the big bang theory all off a sudden?

Anyway, this relationship agreement involved sharing his sim, having regular sex, an open relationship and (you might have guessed it) a generous monthly financial allowance. The later wasn’t too much, just 70.000 L$ each month, but certainly a better offer than Uwe would have been able to make. The most important part of the agreement: no more “whoring”!

Yeah, sure. Let me see if I got this right. He fucks her and pays her but insist on no more “whoring”? I might have missed something here, but isn’t it the exact same thing, the only difference being exclusivity on her pussy?

By the way, he made me the exact same proposal, but decided to stay with Joy the next day. Basically dropped me for her. Also not a good start for a neighborship. But hey, it wouldn’t have worked out anyway I guess.

Dainiz understandably wasn’t very amused about the whole situation with Uwe. He gave me the money, Uwe had invested to give it back to him. Which I did. He also offered to host the club on his region, to safe the tier fee of my homestead region. That was actually a great opportunity to optimize the profitability of the club and to move to a region were I have more prims available and were I am able to host more people at the same time. So of we went, and moved the whole thing to his sim.

It was just recently, that I was about to dump the whole thing and leave it to him. Why? Because he all of a sudden got a strange attitude towards members (which are paying guests in my opinion!) and towards me as well. He kinda got very possessive and had a go at me that I am not available to answer him and instead play around with other members. It almost sounded as if he was jealous.

I made very clear to him, that I am not his property and that my sex life is not subject to his approval. “Its none of your fucking business”, was the terminology I used.

Then he complained that members of the club are trying to enter his private property on the sim. Property that actually is protected by one of those security orbs which kick anyone out of the property after a couple of seconds.

Isn’t it normal, that if someone lands on a region, is curious and starts wandering around? What is the fucking problem? He will not shit on your sofa, nor is he able to steal anything. “Joy has stalkers that watch what we are doing” – was the response to that one. Well shit happens. Yes escort girls do get stalkers. Its the risk you take when you fuck for money and make the guys believe they are “different then the other clients”. Yeah, it is part of the job description – deal with it!

I already had left the group, made him sole owner of everything. Then he insisted of me to come back. He almost begged me to come back. So I did, under one condition: no more trying to take control of me and my private life.

So we continued!

However, one of these days, he did send me a letter (notecard) out of the blue. The letter stated that he and Joy will leave the group to focus on their relationship. It further stated, that they do not want to be associated with the activities and the people in the group.

Last but not least, he asked me to remove the mansion from his region. So there I stood, running out of cash and not having land anymore to host the club. But as always, when one door closes another one opens. The story of my Second Life. But thats a story for the next article.

I can tell you that much: The club will reopen soon and we celebrate it with a big party!

4 thoughts on “The Joy Story or Quo Vadis Caroline?”

  1. Remembers me of the experiment I went through to purchase and maintain a private sim some years ago with a few friends.
    It basicly ended in a pretty much similar desaster and brought me the insight better not to be dependend on others in SL. The abstraction between the two worlds makes it easy for most to just dump you in the middle of nowhere.
    No its better to make sure that you have the sufficient funds to do it on your own.
    Money is always the point where friendship and fun ends … even here in SL


  2. Dainiz is certainly a person who has a real problem with control. My few interactions with him regarding the mansion were not pleasant; he was very reactionary and defensive. I for one am glad he won’t be involved any longer, and that in itself is reason to celebrate!

  3. Carol,
    this is a sad story you are telling us this time. But you are definitely right, a new door has opened, let’s write the next chapter of the club, and as you said, let’s celebrate soon its re-opening!

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