Kelly the sexy fireman

Dear readers,

This time I will bring you to the universe of the Second Life fire fighters with an old friend Kelly.

I know Kelly for some time now, we used to go to the same gym club (a story I will have to share with you at some point). As far as I can remember, he has always been a fireman here in Second Life. I am a complete stranger to this world and I have decided to investigate furthermore on who are really those firemen. After discussing it briefly with Kelly, he kindly accepted to make me visit the fire station he is working in.

He welcome me in front of the building and started to show me around starting from here. I have always seen him as a very sexy man, maybe this is because of the fireman uniform, well speaking of this, I was a bit disappointed that he decided not to wear it for the visit. However we made our way into the garage where two impressive trucks were parked, ready to go if an alarm was raised.


We progressed in the garage where a lot of miscellaneous equipment were stored. We stopped at the bottom of stairs and Kelly explained it leads to the heliport. I insisted to go there and so we did. The heliport looked like any other I think, but I really felt I was in the middle of an action movie, that an helicopter was about to arrive. It did not happen and Kelly told me that only the officers can call one. However it was exciting!


We then returned downstairs and went through corridors, leading to various offices. This is exactly how a professional environment is supposed to look like. Even the Unions office is present and according to Kelly, they are quite active but more to advertise the firemen sims than to take care of the well-being of the firemen.


Next he led me downstairs and then into a long corridor to the port. The station is equipped with a boat for sea operations, and it looks very realistic, flashy colours, once again it is exactly like in some action movies … curiously I cannot remember which movie, but I am quite sure I have seen this kind of boats somewhere. Well, this is not the point, but Kelly assured me this boat has all mandatory equipment to fight a fire on another boat. Well, I believed him.


The last place to visit is located on the opposite block of the station, it is the training field. It is a very interesting place but a dangerous one. It features a car crash, a helicopter wreck, a burnt building and what Kelly called the devil’s house: it is actually devil, as soon as you enter the room, you are surrounded by absolute darkness, it is very frightening and you can get lost very quickly! I just made a few steps in before going back … yes yes I know, I am a coward … this is what kept me alive up to now. The burning house is quite dangerous too, with some holes in the floor, better to check where you walk, it’s deadly traps for unprepared citizens like you and me.

And here ended the visit of the fire station … Very interesting visit and Kelly was along very keen to share his passion with me. I was a bit disappointed not to see the most interesting place of a fire station … well at least for me: the showers … I imagined all these brave and muscled fire fighters sharing a shower in a very large bathroom … but no, not such a thing in a Second Life fire station. Well maybe I should suggest this to Kelly, what do you think ?

Kelly proposed me a little walk in town to show me the theatre of the operations. We passed along the gas station where the trucks stop to refill after the operations. He told me they usually starts from here too as some of their special unit trucks are parked at the gas station due to the lack of space in the fire station itself. I found it a bit strange, but after all, why not.


We left the gas station and arrived in front of a large building in which Kelly told me was the apartment of the firemen’s captain. It sounded very interesting and so we went into the lobby of the building. Kelly let me enter into the elevator and we rang at the door two or three times without any answers. You know how curious I can be and so I decided to try to open the door, it was unlocked and soon we were in … no alarms, no threatening dogs … how exciting!

The apartment was actually a duplex with a mezzanine floor, all of it very well decorated … what was surprising is that the decoration was made with lot of panels of woods … I found it a bit curious for a fire fighter, ┬ábut once again, why not? The bottom floor contained a large living room and a kitchen, and upstairs was a second living room with a large TV, and behind a door an impressive bathroom and behind another door, the master bedroom, like a hideout. It was very exciting being in a stranger place, the captain could arrive any time, even if we both knew that it was very unlikely.


This when I remembered some posts from Caroline where she actually did some hot stuff in a stranger place (… I decided then that I would like to give it a try, I had a fantastic opportunity to fulfil this fantasy now. I was not sure how Kelly would react to this kind of proposal, so I tried to be soft when we passed again in the bathroom when leaving the master bedroom. I stopped near the large tube with my hands on my hips and said


-“It’s tempting!”

Kelly looked at me with a bright smile

-“It is! He is not here, so he won’t be against the idea that we use his bathroom don’t you think” he added with a wink and a daring look.

I did not need more than that to do it. I opened the taps to fill the tube and quickly stripped naked. Soon we were both soaking in a warm bath in a stranger bathroom for me, and the boss one for Kelly. It was exhilarating for both of us. I wanted more, and Kelly definitely too … so it happened and it was absolutely hot, very hot as far as I am concerned. Kelly is a marvellous lover and he proved it once again, we took our time and I had a wonderful moment in the arms of a wonderful fire fighter.




We quickly towelled ourselves afterwards and jumped in our clothes. We ran to the elevator giggling like naughty kids and we found ourselves again in the lobby for a hug and a last kiss. I thank him for his time, the nice tour in the station … and the sequels too.

The day after, Kelly called me to say he met his boss … He had hard time keeping serious when the man spoke to him, thinking of what we did in his flat.

Thank you for your time dear readers, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do, and maybe I tempted you to become a fire fighter yourself … if it’s the case, feel free to give me a call, I absolutely love the uniform!




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