Landing in Bay City!

I have plans to discover the mainland by plane as announced in one of my previous articles: 

The only problem is that Kent who had the idea is hardly ever online when I am, probably because of the different time zones we live in – a typical issue in Second Life. I was eager to see my starting point Bay City hence I asked my new friend Nathan if he wants to join me and we spontaneously teleported to Bay City.

When you are doing a search in SL-Search for Bay City, the first result you find is the Bay City Airport, which is very convenient for me.

So here we are, wondering around an almost empty city. Again this could well be due to most Bay City residents being US-Americans and therefore are online at different times than we Europeans. However, we found a nice little beach bar there, an expensive jewelry store, and zombies.

Bay City Beach Bar
Bay City Beach Bar

No, there were no zombies. It was noobs standing around not knowing what to do. Nathan actually compared them to zombies, which I found funny but appropriate.

Finally I decided to fly a bit around Bay City. I was a bit out of training however and my internet connection being slow that day, it didn’t work very well. At least I got into a bit it again, but I think I will need some training again. To long my little Debonair and my MD 500 Helicopter were hidden in the dungeons of my inventory.

My Debonair Plane
My Debonair Plane

Next trip to Bay City I will have more to report, promised!

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