I kissed a girl and I liked it!

This is Maggie. Maggie is a new friend of mine I met at Paradise Sex Beach. I was standing at the Tiki-Bar of the Beach when she passed by, stopped and looked around kind of lost. I asked her: “Hey Maggie, you got lost?” “I am always lost”, she replied and continued: “feels like I am always at place where I am not supposed to be”.

She joined me at the bar, stood right beside me, close, very close!

Getter closer to Maggie
Getter closer to Maggie

We talked about a lot of things, such as her Second Life family, which kind of adopted her way back when she was a noob. I told her about Gerry, which was the closest to what might call a family in my own Second Life.  We chatted away and somehow clicked very well.

Finally she explained that she always gets herself in trouble with people, because of her huge appetite. Whilst she told me about it, she got a little cozy with me, you know what I mean: the closeness, the little touches and so forth. I liked this.

“As we don’t eat here, I guess appetite for sex is what you mean?” I enquired with tongue in cheek. “. Suddenly she turned a bit sad: “You see what I am doing, I am pushing on you now, being a woman myself, isn’t that sick? I better go now before I get in problems with you too”.

“No, please stay its ok”, I responded, “I like the touch of a woman too”.

That was probably the sign for her not to hold back any longer, and she kissed me passionately all over my neck, my lips and started touching my breast at the same time. I enjoyed the moment and found the situation very arousing. Little later we made love right there and then at the bar, totally ignoring the fact that there were other guests around. Totally lost in passion and desire we enjoyed the magic of this moment and did not care whether or not others would be watching us.

Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life

One very sensual and exciting hour later, when we both had an explosion of orgasmic feelings and calmed down in a sweet and gentle afterglow, we talked intimately about our sexual desires and curiosities.

That was when we made an exciting plan! Stay tuned I will report here what we are up too.

Ok, question now to my readers: Who of you hetero-girls out there in the Meta verse did actually have an experience with another woman in-world? How did it go and would you repeat it? Would you try in real life too, or did you already?  Come on don’t be shy, type your story right hereunder!

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3 thoughts on “I kissed a girl and I liked it!”

  1. When I first entered to SL, I never thought I was going to “experiment” with my non-hetero side. I didnt know I had one either. With time I started learning and getting to know more about myself and I realized It was an important side of me.

    Yes, I explored a lot in SL and that gave me the chance to feel more like me, discovering my “missing puzzle”. Actually, Im looking forward for a partner, Im just afraid that it ends being one of the 80% of female avatars with men behind the screen.

    Great post. Congratulations.

    1. What does that mean?

      Something down the line that I am entering wonderland like Alice did? Or do you refer to the blog in general, meaning something like its as bizare as the Wonderland? Or are you trying to tell me I am on drugs? Or is a Pussy some kind of rabbit hole to you?

      Could you emballish on this?

      Confused Carol

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