Best of Second Life Adventures 2015

Best of Second Life Adventures 2015

Everybody does a review it seams. So why not me? Well Caroline’s 2015 can be devided into three parts or three phases if you prefer that term.

1. The Magic Angels Phase

The first 3 months I was very much involved at the Magic Angels escort club. I finally found a place were the escort stuff actually worked for me. Not only was I able to continue my research for the series „Escort Girls in Second Life“ but I actually made relatively good money with it. In fact it was the first time since I am in Second Life, that I was cash positive and actually exchanged Linden into USD.

The bar at Magic Angels and a regular client

The bar at Magic Angels and a regular client

In addition I realized how exciting and arousing it is for me to actually live this fantasy. Kinda got hooked on this and been an escort girl ever since.

Here my best performance at the Magic Angels. This one was sort of my Master work. I just wanted to know how good can I get: Fucking Johny’s brains out of him. The funny thing: He never had virtual sex again after that. He says everything after that will be disappointing!

Hot sex with caroline

The man that came three times with me.

During this phase I also continued what I started back in November 2014: My sailing trip around the mainland.


Somewhere at the coast of Nautilus

In May Catherine Palen stepped into my Second Life. First she worked for me in the sales team, but later she discovered her passion for writing. She started her own blog and became co-writer on Second Life Adventures. You find her also pretty sexy articles under the tag Cathy’s Corner.

Catherine Palen

Catherine Palen

My personal favorite of her posts is clearly this one: Seducing Cathy (for obvious reasons).

2. Carolines Swinger Mansion

It was a hot summer this year, I can tell you. Summer was all under the theme „swinging“. It was then when I founded „Caroline’s Swinger Club“.


The bar at Caroline’s swingers club

Have a look at the archives of June and July and you know what I mean.

It was in that summer when I first met Melchior and it was this summer I last saw Abraham. The later seams to have left Second Life or did what many do: a new start with a new Avatar. Anybody knows of him? I would like to know what happened to him! Hey Abi, if you still read this, give me a sign of life!

The Swinger Mansion ended from one day to the other. Red here what happened: The close of the mansion.

Thinking where to go from here..

The hurt little girl thinking where to go from here..

I actually gave it a second try on the land of Bobbie from Wet Dreamz. But it never did take off actually. Lesson learned: when something is over, don’t try to reanimate the dead horse. Just let go and look for new open roads and kind fires – as my friend Webby would put it.

3. Back on track

In October I did hardly anything. In fact it took me till end November to get going again with Second Life Adventures. This time as a street whore. I have been very busy ever since and made some good money in December. I mean in real life terms around 20.000 L$ may seam very little, but in Second Life that is a fairly good income.

Working the street in Second Life

Working the street in Second Life

I am also sharing a pretty home nor with Toni and Aurelia right on the coasts of the blake sea. In fact I have little moor for my boat on this land since the beginning of 2015. The difference is we share the cost of the entire parcel now and are “room-mates” with equal rights of the parcel and such. Most recently we did put up a new house for a change.


New ideas, old friends and new friends made me come back on track again .

So what is in the works for 2016?

More adventures as a virtual prostitute of course. But also adventures and insights into the swinger scene in Second Life. I started already with an article about cuckolding, yet there is more to come.

Cuckolding and be continued ..

Cuckolding and swingers…to be continued …

For those not that much into virtual sex: I promise that I will put more effort on other topics as well. There is the story sailing around the mainland yet to be concluded and I will do a little shopping guide for those demanding shoppers among my readers. Or should I open my own shop? What you think?

The central theme of the new year however will be the foundation of an inworld media agency. Stay tuned, I am also back in business again.


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    Hey Carol,
    It was indeed a very rich year for you. I am glad I met you and take the opportunity to thank you for your help and support in blogging all over the past year.
    I am eager and excited to read your future stories in 2016.
    My best wishes for this new year about to start.

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