Home Sweet Linden Home!

Yesterday I woke up (logged in) at Paradise Sex Beach, simply because it was my last location. My original intention was to have some kind of steamy sex adventure on the beach. Especially that bar area caught my attention. I thought it could be a lot of fun, to turn a casual conversation on a beach bar into some sexy scene.

But things went slightly different. Nathan the Noob was online and we got into chat via IM. He has been out shopping for furniture for his new Linden Home!

Yes, he got himself a Linden Home!

What is a Linden Home you might ask? Basically it is a marketing strategy of the Lindens to get Noobs to sign up for premium membership in Second Life. The approach worked well on Nathan. He signed up for premium and claimed his free Linden Home. Yes free!

Whats the deal with Linden homes?

It’s actually quite simple. When you sign up for a Second Life premium membership, you are entitled to the use of 512 sm of land on a dedicated continent without additional fees. If you want more land, you pay what is called tier fees. The special deal with Linden Homes is, that you not only get the 512 square meters of land, but in addition a prebuild house which is rooted to Governor Linden land.

That means the prims of the house (about 70 prims) do not count to your usual 117 prims available on such a small piece of land. So in reality you end up having a home worth 187 prims. If you add to this the amount of landscaped public areas, trees and other stuff available, you really have for the price of the premium membership a parcel, that easily compares to a 1024 sm parcel on the mainland. If you take all the other benefits of being a premium member into the equation (such as 300 LD in cash every week) you end up owning a home for very little money compared to mainland markets or even the market on private estates.  A pretty good deal!

Whats the catch owning a Linden Home?

There are few substantial restrictions compared to owning on the mainland.

  • You can’t make modifications to the house and the land, it is as it is.
  • No commercial activities permitted
  • You cannot resell the land
  • Neighbors have the same house
  • Little to no privacy

What are the advantages of using a Linden Home?

  • 117 prims for furniture available
  • Free of charge (other than premium membership)
  • Great to practice your interior design skills
  • No horror designs on neighbor parcels
  • No advertising , no malls

I think Linden Homes is a great way to make your initial steps of owning land in Second Life. It’s a good deal and you don’t need advanced building skills to have a nice place to call your home in Second Life.

Eventually your standards will raise and you will move to a place where you can be more creative, or do business or whatever you have in mind. Remember its your world, your imagination. Linden Homes however are the Lindens World and the Lindens imagination.

Back to Nathans Linden Home

He unpacked the furniture he’s got and placed them in the house. My God this man will never win a price in interior design. The sofa combination is a pseudo Gorean style sofa and the bed rather modern style, all that in a wooden cabin on the Tahoe sims.


Never mind. He is a very fast learner and I am sure he will progress in no time. In fact I have never seen a noon before who progressed that fast.

Did I mention I was in a certain mood?

I came from Paradise beach still in my new sexy bikini and I know quite well what impact that has on Nathan. So after a while sitting together on the new sofa and moving stuff around, I decided to take the initiative (he never does for whatever strange reason) and started to undress him and to emote how I start to caress his now naked body….

I show you in another Post how it all went. It was very hot actually!

Nathan and Caroline in a Linden Home in Second Life
Nathan and Caroline in a Linden Home in Second Life 



Nathans evolution strongly reminds me to this video



Here more information about Linden Homes:

Official Page for Linden Homes

Tutorial about Linden Homes

Discussion about Linden Homes
This is a very interesting discussion between Second Life residents about the impact of Linden Homes in the low end rental market in Second Life.

Blogpost by another resident about Linden Homes

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3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Linden Home!”

  1. See I did go paid early on.
    But I’m an “edge case” and generally agree with Syo’s stance there.
    I was likely… number 5 on my list: wanting control of my spot. I read a massive amount of confusing stuff before hitting the button to go premium, and then spent a month teleporting all over the grid before buying – which right there shows I made a fundamental error because I was a noob, despite researching. I wasted my first month of land tier…
    Most new users will be in the 1 through 3 on my list, and be better served renting on an estate.

    Oh also reading up thread a bit… picking Gor to highlight for newbies… is not the choice I would make.
    Gor is an extremist alt-cult the glorifies one of humanities most evil traits: slavery. Goreans embrace members who have lost touch with reality and chosen to become “lifers” and try to emulate the misogynistic fantasy in real life… when it should be getitng such people mental help or getting them the heck away from its community.
    The Gorean concept, brought to RL, is expressed by things like the man in the USA that kept 3 women kidnapped for so many years, or the couple just found in London that kept 3 women kidnapped for 30 years. To Gorean ‘lifers’, this is the ‘natural order’… As it is the lifestyle glorified in the fiction. To the author of Gor… that fiction is meant to be an example of how we should be, and not ‘dark horror fantasy’. There are plenty of other roleplays to pick in SL that are less misogynistic, or which at least more clearly understand that they are ‘fantasy’ and not an ideology.

  2. In addtion to that:

    – I would never suggest a paid account anywhere for someone who has just started with the whole thing and has barely an idea what it all is about (which is part of the definition of a newbie, I think). They should spend nothing forced as long as they haven’t setteled and can do things without help. Last but not least a newbie should spend their money first on their avatar…not on premium membership fees.

    – Premium membership is only worth its money if you plan to own bigger amounts of land or if you really want to be on mainland. Its also usefull if you have your own business. Both is nothing a newbie has or need.
    – You can get far better and much more land for the monthly fee on Estates, instead of becoming premium member for the Linden Home.

  3. I’m going to disagree than a Linden Home is the best way to get started.
    I’d call it a very bad way.

    If I was looking at a user who needed hand-holding, I’d send them to an estate somewhere.
    If they needed built in community, I’d send them an estate somewhere.
    If they needed a sense that a place had a good stable theme they could grow with, I’d send them to an estate somewhere.
    If they were a do-it-yourself tinkerer, I’d send them to mainland.
    If they wanted control, I’d send them to mainland.
    If they were an isolationist iconoclastic nutcase, I’d send them to mainland.

    – For all of these Linden Homes are bad. Even for the theme – as you can’t grow with it, its locked and you can’t even stylize the home.
    For all of them, the linden homes serve to make SL feel isolated and uncaring. Even for the isonlationist – such people rarely like feeling as if they were “drone number #275 in a Borg Collective / suburb” – even if as with many linden homes, there is no community.

    Its more of a place you send noobs to die…

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