Sailing around the World – Part 6 – The Infohub in the Ocean

It has been some time since I continued writing about my trip around the world. I did actually continue the trip as such some time ago, but didn’t really have a chance to follow up on it on the blog.

What was that last I reported. Let me think. Yes, I have been on the South coast of Corsica with Toni my room mate. You remember? If not check it out. We did something really naughty back then: reaching Corsica.

After that I set sail taking course to the West (actually I had some passengers with me this time, members from Caroline’s Swinger Mansion). It was then that I learned there is yet another huge sailing area in Second Life: The Linden Ocean. This is the sea which connects the two continents Corsica and Nautilus. Between the two you find approximately 100 sail-able open water regions. So all of you sailors out there: If you get tired of the blake sea, try the Linden Ocean for a change.

It was good fun sailing on so many open waters. Then I discovered something really bizarre. I reached a small island somewhere in the middle of this big ocean. Checking the land profile quickly, I realized that it is Linden Lab owned land.

For those new to Second Life: The mainland of Second Life is operated and administrated by Linden Lab directly. They actually sold most mainland regions to Second Life residents. If you have a premium account you can buy land on the mainland from small parcels of just 512 m² up to entire regions of 65.000 m². Most of it is actually sold already, so the only way to obtain a nice parcel in a popular area, is actually buying it from another Second Life resident who then transfers ownership to you for a take over fee. The later can be quite high in some areas and you responsible to pay the tier to Linden Lab once the transfer is completed.

If you do so, you pay every month an amount what is called tier fee (in USD) for the hosting and you now own that parcel. You can resell it, rent it out to someone else or simply build stuff on it. Whatever you build on your mainland parcel must be compliant with the general rules for the mainland.

Some of the regions of the mainland however are still owned by Linden Lab. You can see that looking into the Land-info where it shows the owner of the parcel. Whenever you see an avatar called „Governor Linden“, it is Linden owned land.

I was curious of course about why would the Governor reserve an open water sim with a small island on it, in a less than populated area. Thought and done. I moored my yacht and off I went to discover the island.

Anchoring at the Infohub
Anchoring at the Infohub


You can not imagine my surprise when I realized:

It is an Info Hub!

Sign with broken Link!
Sign with broken Link!

Ok for those who don’t know what that is: Infohubs are areas where people can set their home landing spot (if you do not own land yourself) and (as the name suggests) you find Information about Second Life, such as tutorials or links to other sources.

Most of these Infohubs are fairly busy. The reason being is they are regions frequented by many new residents when they leave orientation island. They are starter points in Second Life and many new residents come back to them for having set their start location at an Infohub. In addition when you are logging into Second Life to the last location you have been and that region is not available for whatever reason, you automatically get redirected to the nearest Infohub.

The later can be rather embarrassing when your last location was your bedroom or a sex sim and you had sex before logging out but did not bother to put some cloth on before logging out. It does happen! You have been warned. Actually my regular readers know who probably would have fun flashing naked at an Infohub by accident.

Cathy, I dare you: Flash at a G rated Infohub!

Anyway, lets have a closer look at this Infohub in the middle of nowhere.

It is totally senseless in my not so humble opinion. This Infohub could have been a great location to introduce new residents to sailing or other water sports. Maybe with a social gathering point, even some free boats to try, tutorials about how to. Maybe even with some Linden coaches to answer questions or proactive help noobs with technicalities.

There was none of that.

Some buildings with nothing in them, a couple of signs with broken links, a boat which only serves as deco. Totally useless exercise. There was nothing to do, nothing to learn – no wonder the few noobs I spotted seemed rather lost. This island is yet another prove for the lack of imagination of the Lindens when it comes to content creation.

Useless deco ship
Useless deco ship

I actually asked some of the people I met there: “Why are you here, there is nothing to do and not many people around either”. One answered: “We land here as starting point because its quite. I personally do not want to check in at those busy Infohubs with all their drama and hundreds of silly noobs”.

Links to a youtube channel
Links to a youtube channel

Ok point taken. In another words: If you actually look for a dead place for check into Second Life ,to be away from it all, this is the perfect spot! The strangest thing of all was this: I noticed there is something in the water. I dived into it and saw this:



A number of abandoned avatars (at least 10) under water, all in “away mode”. I tried to speak to them, sent an IM, no reaction at all. This remained a mystery to me: Why do several Residents “park” their avatars here in the ocean? Anyone can shed some light on this?

Then please leave a comment!

I could not rez here either. Hence I sailed to the near coast of Corsica where I discovered a little airport, which b its very nature allows rezing. More on that in my next post from the story-line “sailing around the world”. From here I will continue my trip next time. Stay tuned!



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