Live is a beach!

Live is a beach!

One of the first things a new resident (noob) wants to do is establishing social contacts. You want to meet people, flirt a little, make friends and maybe a bit a more than that. In fact most new male residents are initially extremely curious about sexual activities in Second Life, but I will embellish on that topic later.

Never the less,  there is one very easy way to get in touch so to speak, with other people:

Go to the beach!

So did I. Got a nice freebie bikini from marketplace and off I went to a place called Sunset Beach. Sunset beach is one of many nude or clothing optional beaches. Normally the crowds you meet there are very relaxed, friendly and of course open minded people.  It’s just like in Real Life. People on nude beaches tend to be of that sort.

So first I went around and did snapshots of the place. It’s a gorgeous little beach paradise with a bit of a touristic touch to it. There is even an underwater room with a menu driven bed for those who want to get intimate. The underwater part is full of little fishes and corals.

Quickly I got in contact with several people.

At first a guy in a Pirate Outfit, Phil is his name as I found out. Phil is one of those people that see Second Life as yet another social media, just like facebook and the likes. He even has real life pictures in his profile and the conversation evolved around real life. Not my cup of tea, as I am what one would call an immersionist. That means I take the term Second Life very literal and I fully immerse into the virtual world. Needless to say that real life issues are not my favorite topic.

After a while John joint us in our little tiki style beach cabana. I switched from IMs with Phil into open chat, simply because it’s kind of rude to ignore a third person in the party.  Phil didn’t like that obviously he just vanished without saying anything.

Well his loss. So I continued my little chat with John, who was sitting next to me totally naked. Well, it’s a nude beach – when in Rome do as the Romans do, I am sure you heard that saying before. This is actually one golden rule: adapt to the environment when in a particular region. On such a beach either go nude or in beachwear- It just looks silly to walk around fully dressed at such a place and it kills the ambiance or the immersion for others.

John is a beach boy! He hardly ever goes to any other places in Second Life. He just enjoys the relaxed atmosphere the sexy views and chats with people. He is actually married in Second Life and claims to be very faithful too! Yeah sure, I thought but all of a sudden I got an IM from somebody else saying: Hey, be careful with this one, his wife has him on a short leash.

I could not help but laughing about that one.

John left shortly after that to have a walk around the beach and I continued the conversation with the guy that IM-ed me.  He seemed to be very much in the know about the regulars on that beach but most importantly he possesses a well stocked inventory of all kind of goodies. He offered me some stuff to update my looks and passed me new skins, new shapes, and hundreds of different hairstyles. I am not talking about the typical freebie stuff. In fact it seemed to be stuff from expensive brands in Second Life and all of it with all permissions (modify, copy and transfer). I could easily open a hair shop now!

I was impressed. How he got all that stuff? Seriously – I don’t want to know.

Last contact I made that day was a textbook example of a noob.  He saw me sat there in my sexy bikini and decided to sit next to me – of course without asking.  He still was in the prefab Linden avatar and his first question was – you know where this is going don’t you?

“I have been told you can get free sex here. Where Can I do that?”
“In a bed”, I answered and continued: “Hey, its like in real life, you need to chat up a girl first and if she likes you,  you take her to a place where you can get intimate with her.”

“Yes, but where, can you show me?” Ok, here we go again, but as helping noobs is my mission here, I decided to show him where the bloody bed is. In fact on this beach the place is a underwater house which you reach through a platform a little off the shore. Look in the picture gallery, there you will see it.

So took him there and ….he crashed. That saved me at least a long winded diplomatic response to what I assume would have been the next question.

So that was my day on the beach.  Johna ctually passed me lost of landmarks to other nude and adult themed beaches. I will publish the slurls to the good ones shortly here on the blog  after I visited them.

Watch out more to come!


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