The magic forest

Dear readers,

I finally took a decision for a first location to visit and I sincerely hope that you will be tempted to have a look there by yourselves.

The place is one of the most beautiful sim I have ever been in my second life. It will look even better if you push a little your graphic settings, which I did reasonably as my poor machine is definitely not a super calculator. Ok, before I lose you I will reveal where we are heading: the place is called Lupe’s Magic Forest.


As its name says by itself, this is mainly a forest. Well, I hear you say “A forest? Come on, this is rather boring!” Do not flee right now, let me continue, you will decide later what to do … or not. No need to bring your boots, your coat nor your old jean as you would imagine in such a place, in fact, no need to bring any clothes, the place is clothing-optional. To be honest it is even beyond that, it is a no-clothing-mandatory place. If you are too shy to expose your private pixels to the second world, you will not be allowed to visit this really extraordinary place, and honestly, you will miss something. So, be bold, peel of this clothes and join me, I promise you will not regret it.

When you arrive there, you face an entrance gate and beyond the gate is the forest. You get the usual warnings about the sim rules and about respecting people you will meet, nothing very new, but sometimes it is worthy reminding the basics. You can decide then to enter on foot or riding a horse, a nice option but to be honest, I have never been very confident with these beasts so … on foot was my option.

I complied with the very simple dress code, keeping only my camera with me, which offered some convenient coverage, but I did not think the admins could possibly complain about it. Moreover I am reporter, I needed it to work. I followed the path and was immediately seduced by the wonderful sceneries : sun rays filtering through the leaves, clearings covered by flowers, butterflies flying all around and majestic trunks of hundred-year-old trees. This is when the word magic came in my mind … this forest was simply magic, this was definitely true.

Entering in the Magic Forest

Further, in the middle of one of these nice clearings, stood the first inhabitant of the forest I had the opportunity to meet. I decided to approach the native male who I have to admit, was definitely handsome … from head to toe ! I said the usual “hi!” and wait for an answer for a few minutes. How rude! He did not answer at all, I met one element of this very widespread species in Second Life: the zombie. The body is with us, but the mind is lost somewhere … What a pity! I finally decided to leave him, not without spanking him for his rudeness … and also because it was tempting I admit it.


I resumed my visit of the forest and continued on the lovely path which borders a little stream, and further magnificent cascades were flowing from the high into a little pond. I stopped for a while admiring the absolutely amazing place. If I had more time then, I would have enjoyed a little bath here, but I was really eager to discover what else the forest had to show.

I was not disappointed when I saw the romantic bridge on which I passed, being there felt absolutely fabulous. Then was a little beach of white sands. Some waves were breaking on the rocks immersed in the water, the kind of view you see in holidays magazine if you see what I mean. I could not resist exploring a bit the little beach which was desert at the time. There is a little pontoon where you can lay under the sun, or even try to fish if you have some skills into this.







I reluctantly left the beach and found the path again that I followed up to a little hut boarding it. When I arrived, a man was at the doorstep, probably he just had a little nap and I disturbed him when I passed. He was the one saying hello and I was glad to have someone to talk to finally. He invited me on his wooden terrace and we had a little talk. He is a regular visitor of the place and spends most of this time in this simple hut, sometimes going out fishing for his lunch or simply going to swim. He confirmed the feeling I had, that the place is very peaceful, calm and that all inhabitants have this simplicity he have … he is what I would call a hippie, enjoying simple things that this place can offer.




I thanked him and took my leave … I had a lot of other spots to visit. One thing this place is lacking is teleporter, but the most I think of it, the most I believe this is done on purpose. It forces visitors to take time, to discover all the secret spots on foot. It was really very enjoyable.

I cheated a little and used my radar to locate other inhabitants and a man popped up on the beach I was earlier. As my previous host, he offered to chat a little and proposed even to show me a nice spot. He had the same demeanour and care, very polite and smart … and he was cute too! So I followed him and we had to cross water along the cliffs to arrive on a secluded beach. It looked absolutely fantastic: the sceneries are very beautiful as everywhere here, and a little grotto at the back of the beach offers to lovers all what is needed to spend an erotic moment together. It was probably his intention when he brought me here, but he was a gentleman when I politely slipped away. I would not say I would not have appreciated, but I wanted to keep it professional for you dear readers!


I continued my tour, it was at each turn a surprise: natural chimneys, ruins, view from the top of the cliff. Magnificent !


I decided that it was time to return, after all, you have to discover this place by yourself now. Maybe we will meet there, I have to say I am in love with this magic forest. Moreover people are so kind there, that you very quickly forget you are naked.

On my way back, I met this fun woman who was dancing around. She looked like she was exhilarated … I have no idea what made her feel like this, the only thing I can say is that her joy contagious and I left the forest with a wide smile.


I hope to see you there !


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