How I Became Pregnant in Second Life

I am pregnant. No, not in real, in Second Life. I know its a weird thing to read. Trust me, it is something even more weird to write about.

Ok, let me explain.

Some time ago I bought a hud called “Mama Alpha”. This hud simulates a woman’s cycle. This includes the period and the entire monthly biological phases of a female, including ovulation. My motivation behind this, was to add some more realism to my Second Life. Hence I am always wearing this hud with each and every outfit I have.

When you are wearing this, each time you log-in to Second Life, you are prompted to update it to reflect your current state of the cycle. The idea behind that is, that your offline times actually are counted too.

There is a male version of the hud available. The female and the male version actually interact with each other simulating what happens in real bodies. If you are in your ovulation and you have sex with a guy who uses the hud, chances are your status changes to pregnant.

You can avoid that using pills or condoms, or you simply don’t have sex at certain days. I did the later, or at least I thought so.

You can imagine my shock when I logged-in the other day, I was not thinking about anything bad when clicking on “Update Mama Alpha”. Then I saw this message: “Week 8, month 2”.

What the fuck?

By the way: A day cycle in Second Life is not real 24 hours. Its actually 4 hours long. So 8 weeks is not like 8 real weeks, but much less. More or less a week in real life.

Here an explanation on another blog: days in Second Life.

Guess what my first thought was. Exactly: who?

Well, given my rather liberal lifestyle in Second life and considering that I am in the sex trade too, this one is not as easy as it might be for somebody in a relationship or not even for the average single.

Is it actually important to know? No, not really. But I am a rather curious person (as you probably know already) so I wanted to know. More so, I wanted to know his reaction.

All right. So lets have a think about this. Who did I have sex with in the last two weeks. Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking now. But this might surprise you. It weren’t actually that many.

What are the options?

I went back to this post:

There you can see most of my recent sex adventures. At first I thought, It must be one of them. Maybe Lars Ferraris? I did have a lot of sex with him actually. But then I looked at the date of the post. Nope, that way to long ago. Must have happened more recently.


Unlikely. Uwe is not into huds. The maximum he can manage is his animation over-writer. But it could be an option. You remember our “meeting” in the motel of Liberty Bay? It could have happened there.

That would be rather awkward.

Then I remembered. Oh my God!

It is most likely one of my regular clients. I recently met Dou Dou (or Dave) again. Those of you who follow this blog longer, might remember him. It’s the guy I first met, when working as a street whore almost two years ago:

He actually joined my group “Carolines Lovers” recently. This is a group for a few selected regular clients. A member pays a one of fee (10.000 L$) and gets preferential treatment. But most importantly he can book me for sex as often as I am available for no extra cost. (additional tips and gifts appreciated but not expected).

He did join the group after a little chat we had. Funny enough, until then he actually never told me about a certain kink he has. Its not a big deal, but for him it was apparently. I told him, that I have seen worse kinks and it would not be a problem to please him that way sometimes.

He decided to join and requested my services. There and then. That’s where it must have happened.

And here is how it happened:

In one of my next posts I will tell you what happened when I actually confronted him with him being the father.

2 thoughts on “How I Became Pregnant in Second Life

  1. You being pregnant makes your naughty adventures even more kinky in a way, and I certainly am very very curious to see what happened next..
    Looking super sexy as ever. Your slut outfits leave nothing to imagination and that’s a very good thing!
    Keep the Amazing sexy adventures coming Carol!

    Oh and,
    Are we going to have a poll on baby names? Hah. That’ll be a first for the blog!

    Take care mmm

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