Behind the Stage – Insight into Second Life Adventures

I want to give my reader a bit of insight into whats happening behind the scenes of Second Life Adventures. When I just started the site in 2013, I would have never dreamed about getting the traffic and awareness within Second Life that it has today. It was meant to be the story of a noob traveling over the grid as an entertaining guide for new residents.

Because of its success, I started to actually monetize it with adverts. Not that I intend to become rich with it. To make serious RL money it is too small of a niche. However it is supposed to finance my Second Life. That means I want to make more income with the adverts than I actually spend in Second Life. Basically after hosting and domain is paid for, the remaining profit is my “linden budget”. However at the moment I don’t even need to touch that budget, as I am doing well as an escort in-world. The later pays for everything I need in Second Life.

Thats the plan and so far it works ok but nothing really exiting

At the moment I am still trying to figure out which advertising model does convert into the most cash. You see on top of the site the big banner from Second Life? That does not produce much actually, despite of being the most relevant advert for a blog about Second Life. It did do better last year and made me about 30 to 40 USD per month. In Linden that is about 10.000 L$ add to this another (minimum) 10.000 I make In-world and I have not a bad budget for rent and shopping in Second Life.

I want to raise the bar!

That is why I will try different affiliate programs until I find the one which converts into at least 400 USD per month (100.000 L$). Its a a fun challenge to me and it might raise my in-world lifestyle a little too.

I know that changing the advertiser will not be enough to meet such a challenging goal. I will have to increase traffic at the same time. Let me show you what I have gotten so far.

Here you see the total amount of Users which visited the site since its launch in June 2013. Not bad actually. More than 200.000 times somebody visited the site.

Overall Traffic


Traffic per month:


Ok, logic dictates the following assumption: If 10.000 monthly visits convert into 40 USD, I need 100.000 visits to reach my goal. Possible? I don’t think so. That means I have to find ways to increase the conversion rate . That means the percentage of people which actually become clients of the advertiser. Hence the reason I need to find the right advertiser whose adverts convert better than the current ones.

If I double that percentage, I still need about 50.000 visits per month. Still challenging. I looked deeper into my stats, to identify opportunities.

My most popular content:


As you can clearly see the top ten articles are about adult stuff. Especially the guides about sex and about Gor, but also articles around the topics porn, machinima, rape, misogyny. All the pervert stuff basically. The reason for that is simple. The site ranks well in Google for search terms around those topics.

The best performing keywords:

One would assume that, the answer is an easy one: Just write more about those topics and traffic shall increase. But you know what? It ain’t that easy. Actually when you check the total search volume for those terms in Google, you will find that I probably got almost to the peak of what is possible under those terms. Hence focusing on that sort of content will increase traffic, but not substantially. Second Life Adventures is already the most read blog about Second Life sex related topics.

On the Social Media front there is still room for improvement. Especially the potential of Facebook is not exploit yet. The difficulty with that is the fact that Facebook is very restrictive when it comes to adult content. My Facebook page only promotes posts which are not of pornographic nature. Hence I need to find topics other than erotica which are of interest to Second Life users and suitable for Facebook marketing.

The social media traffic:


I do have quite some strong inbound links. Even Wikipedia cites me as a source of information about gorean role play in Second Life. Some well known other SL blogger like Canary Beck. Strawberry Singh and Webspelunker link to me. However, this is also an area which has room for improvement. I need to get links and citations from magazines and newspapers as well. This will better my Google ranks even further but most importantly will get direct traffic.


Here is my to do list:

  1. Maximize the traffic for popular adult topics
  2. Get a better affiliate program with better conversion rates
  3. Find story lines which are of interest to SL residents and suitable for Facebook
  4. Focus on improving social media involvement
  5. Find more link partner


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