Meeting In Liberty Bay to Provide Shareholder Value

Our home and office vanished. Just like that. Without warning.

It was actually my own mistake. I thought I had paid the rent way upfront. Wrong! It ended and the landlord returned everything to me. Actually I believe it was set on auto return when the time is up.

So I stood on the parcel, wondering what happened. Uwe, my investor did the same. He sat on one of those park benches. I joined him there and explained what happened.

For those who don’t know who Uwe is, I suggest you read these posts:

“We get a new place,” I suggested, “maybe it was time for a change anyway, “I continued and suggested:

“I recently got introduced to a region called Liberty Bay. It is actually a role play sim, but one can rent apartments there too. In fact I checked in at the motel in town to get a feel for it. Its a quite big town with all sorts of stuff including a red light district. That would suit you nice wouldn’t it?”

“Well, sound intriguing,“ he replied.

“The thought of having a fuck place in the neighborhood, sounds interesting”. Then he remarked: “Actually thinking about that, makes me want to take you now, it has been some time and as you know, I like fucking you”.

I was still wearing my work-lingerie as I had a sex client last time I logged in. I guess that turned him on even more.

I laughed and suggested: “Well, sex was part of the deal wasn’t it? So why don’t we go to my motel then and I help you getting rid of that anxiety”. Said and done, off we went and I had him fuck me in this scruffy, simple yet naughty and exciting motel room.

I am his one million linden bitch. It’s a tough job, but to keep him happy someone needs to do it. That someone is usually me. Or Chathy.

Here the meeting minutes:

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