Meeting Rudolf Junior?

He wasn’t really my type.

System Avatar, no mesh, freebie skin and a basic shape. His command of the English language was very limited and he probably never heard of role play techniques (such as emoting).

Hey wait a minute! Where did you read that before? Yes, in my first post about going undercover in an incest family in Second Life.

We have a saying in Germany:

“The apple does not fall far from the stem”

That is what I thought when I first met Rudi at the Hedone house. Of course he was looking much younger than his father Rudolf. He avatar had an 20 ish look, maybe a bit younger even. He calls me Auntie Charly, as I introduced myself as his father’s cousin.

In bed he was as lame as his father. The only difference: He fucked me twice.

I strongly suspect Rudi is an ALT of Rudolf. Not only because the sexperience was almost the same, but also the “making” of his avatar bears similar traits.

His display name is another strong indication:

Rudi Hedone Jr.(rudijunior). Yeah, sure!

Don’t get me wrong, please. There is nothing wrong with playing different roles using different accounts. This is role play after all.  But it kills the immersion or the illusion, if its done too friggin obvious.

“We all play our real age in this family”. That is what Rudolf father said last time.

Really do you?

I have an idea. Maybe I shall play another “me” there too. I told Rudolf already I had a daughter in Second Life.

Would be a great way to infiltrate another ALT in the group.

What you think?

As usual some pics taken during the encounter:

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