Meeting Young Dave at the Golden Sun Beach

The Golden Sun Beach, a place for families to play chat and meet. All ages welcome. PG-rated (Protected General), totally clean and secure place where adult stuff is not allowed. Not at all. Clothing is optional though.

They write that in the SIM rules. You even get a notice via IM which reads:

Welcome, Help us to protect the sim, Notify staff of any non PG behavior!, We Will Fight Against This! Thanks!

Is it really?

When you enter the beach area, you see indeed people at all ages. From mature man, to little boys and girls and everything in between. There are no adult animations available and chat is totally non sexual.

But is it really?

No it is not. It is a pick up place for ageplay. Not officially of course. It all happens in IM.

This where I made the acquaintance of a young man. 22 Years in real, college student who does like …mature women. In fact he is even partnered in Second Life with an older woman.

After some general chatting with him, the subject inevitably changed to sex in Second Life, when I questioned him on his SL partner:

“You are into mature women I assume, your partner seems to be older than you too”

I found his answer revealing and interesting:

“I probably look a bit older here than my real life age of 22. There is a reason I like mature women. When I was 17, I lost my virginity to a woman in her mid 50’s we were together a year and since that time I have always been attracted to more mature women. My partner is older,, but sadly haven’t seen her in a month now.”

He continued:

“What I learned in a year amazed me. I went from frightened boy to I like to think a very confident young man by the age of 19. I learned that sexual pleasure was not all about me and there was a lot more than just fumbling and intercourse.”

I asked him then:

“Which leads me to the question, how much do you enjoy the sexual pleasures of second life? Or is that just kinda pixel porn to you?”

He answered:

“It has been a little of both if that makes sense? It becomes a lot more real if you connect with someone rather than just meeting and doing the deed. If the mind is stimulated the body follows.”

We kept chatting about the topic a bit longer, until I finally asked:

“Well now that you haven’t seen your partner in a month you might be missing something.”

“I must admit that I have been having thoughts”,he replied,”would be nice to get to know you better.”
“Maybe you show me your place what you think”,

I suggested.

We went to his place. Still in the same outfit as we were on the beach. Which in my case means, no outfit at all. He gave me the tour of the very cozy little house, ending in the bedroom upstairs.


It didn’t take long and we were laying on the bed. Kissing and cuddling.

Without hesitation I moved my hand  sliding down his young body till reaching his pants, helps him to get them off. I took his cock in her hand starts gently massaging it whilst looking in his eyes to see his reaction.

He whispered

“I have missed a womans touch.”

The rest of it is best told with pictures:


Was time for me to log out, after we finished. So I said:

“But I better TP home first, so i don’t log in here next time. Could be embarrassing if I get seen by your partner here.”

But he said

“You can log here. If she sees you by accident here, well, she shouldn’t have left me.”

“Good point”, Ok then I vanish here as if i was fallen asleep here”.

I virtually stayed over night.



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