Why Men Use Escort Girls in Second Life

Why Men Use Escort Girls in Second Life

When I embarked on my under cover mission to investigate the escort scene in Second Life, I asked asked myself the question, why do men use escort girls when there are so many opportunities to have virtual sex available for free. Hence the reason I decided to become an escort girl in order to get first hand experiences (pun intended).

My initial approach was to try as a freelance escort girl, trying to find clients on all kind of venues. This approach failed miserably and I came to the conclusion (admittedly a bit preempted) that is actually not much if any demand for escort girls. At least not enough to make a decent money for Second Life standards.

Then I met the girls at the Magic Dream Angels. They were actually building, running and promoting a classy and friendly escort club. With their permission. I agreed with them to work with them fully disclosing my intention to write about it on Second Life Adventures.

Everything was different then. I found out that having an attractive location and a welcoming environment is key to success in the sex business in Second Life. It does actually work. Within a short period of time I made somewhere in the region of 10.000 L$, a good income compared with other jobs available in Second Life.

This experience also answered my all important initial question: Why do men use escort girls in Second Life?
The following list I compelled, based on the my own experience as an escort girl and might not be complete nor is it representative for all escort establishments.

Because of availability

Sometimes men (and women for that matter) are just horny. They are in the mood and want it there and then. Especially when they don’t have much time online, they don’t want to go through all the motions of flirting, chatting up, dancing and seducing a „normal“ girl. An escort girl is available, all it takes is pay her and have fun.

Because of quality Sex

At most of the free sex places, there is no such thing as quality role-play. All you can do is hop on a poseball and watch two avatars doing pixel sex – not everybody´s cup of tea as it does not „feel“ like having sex. Its just cheap pixel porn.

A good escort girl however, knows what is important to give the client the impression of actually having sex, how to turn him on, arouse him in real to the point him actually having bliss, excitement and even an orgasm in real.

Not all escort girls are that good. In fact many just take the money and get it done as quick as possible with the least possible effort – a disappointing experience for the client and a “never-come-back-client” for the escort girl – understandably.

Because of their girl friends

Some clients do actually have a SL partner. That sounds weird at first, but it isn’t at all. I have had clients in a stable relationship over years, but their partners are not much into virtual sex. Those men still love their girl friends and have no intention to break up the relationship, but for the sexual part they go to a discrete escort girl – no strings, no commitment, no drama. Using an escort services does not feel like cheating on their girl friend to them, as would be having an affair or chatting up girls at the usual date & dance places.

Because they can

Some clients make serious money in Second Life (for Second Life standards). They spend a lot of time in Second Life with their business. Creating things, customer support, promotion – such things take up time and there is not much In-World time left to go dating. Those guys simply go to a club to have some uncomplicated fun and as they can easily afford our rates, they don´t mind letting us participate on their Second Life success.

For support

People enjoy being a part of something. We do actually have a number of regular clients who book us to support the idea of a welcoming, classy club. A place were people are greeted as friends, where we have fun at parties and were the girls are not greedy bitches but enjoyable company.

Those clients don´t even see it as paying for sex, they see it as financial support to a place they like, people they enjoy being with and sex is an added, yet well appreciated bonus. Those are actually the best clients, simply because they treat us well, come on a regular basis and don´t complain about prices. We even have one guy with a “flatrate”. He actually finances a big part of the tier fees. One monthly payment and he can have fun with us as as often as he likes (or as often as he can) – a true win win situation and a “friend of the house”.

To learn how to do it properly

Yes, that happens too. I got booked to teach how to have sex in Second Life – properly. These men simply want to be well prepared before meeting a regular girl (or even their Second Life partner) before taking a girl to bed, prepared to impress, prepared not to spoil it. I actually think this one is a very good reason to use an escort girls services: Lessons in Love, so to speak. Actually I think all Noobs should at least once do that, if only they could afford it.

Because they want to try something different

Threesomes, lesbian shows, BDSM, rape scenarios, gang bangs, Master/slave games and so on. Whatever kink it is, one might fancy, its save to try with an escort girl. Escorts get paid to do it and to shut up about it. However, this does not happen often, most clients just want regular sex.

Because they like me

I did have clients who would not go to other escort girls. They simply fancy me, or even have a little crush on me. They don’t mind supporting me with some money in order to be with me.

In conclusion

The reasons why people use escort girls in Second Life do not differ much from the reasons people use them in real life.

I also met some guys who would refuse categorically to have sex with an escort girl. No, its not the fear to catch a virus. In my experience you can categorize those ant-paid-sex guys into four categories:

A: The Broke

He simply doesn’t have SL-money and he admits it. No problem with that, some people simply have chosen not to buy Linden Dollars and do not make money In-World either. I can totally respect that even so I believe someone who refuses to take part in the Second Life economy is not really a Second Life resident. I call them SL-tourists. However, there are some false broke as well. They pretend to be broke, in the hope to get a free pity fuck – how lame is that?

B: The Macho

He is so awesome, so good looking and in his own perception of himself such a desirable man, that he almost believes he should be the one who is supposed to get paid. Using escort services would potentially make his penis shrink.

C:The Romantic

He is not looking for sex, he is looking for love. He want´s to the be the prince on a white horse who rescues the poor escort girl from her miserable live and be with her in digital eternity. He is inspired by the movie “Pretty Woman” and his attempts to “rescue” the girl are that persistent, that it almost feels like being stalked. I am sure they missed the part in pretty woman, when Richard Gere gave Julia Roberts 3.000 USD for escorting him for a week and a credit card to go shopping on Rodeo drive. Hey, you want to rescue me? Give me 3.000 L$ and lets go shopping at Franks Galleria.

D: The Moralist

Its bad to be a prostitute. We will all burn in hell for having abused the desires, emotions and weaknesses of men to get their money.


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    Mandy 3 years

    Thank you for your awesome post about Second Life escorts. I have worked at a wonderful club for over three years, and am always hearing from people who put down SL escorts. We do serve a need, otherwise we would be very lonely and broke, and I am neither! I would mention as well that a lot if my clients are disabled in some way, and hiring an escort fills needs they cannot fulfill in RL. Also, for those out on the extremes of kinkiness, it can be very difficult to find someone who can both do a quality roleplay and fit into their fantasy world. As professional providers, we can do both. I love your blog, keep up the great work!

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      Thanks Mandy

      True, I met two guys already who are disabled in real life and are for that very reason in Second Life. For the the word “second life” has a literal meaning.


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    Selena 3 years

    I find this is all hard because I’m mute in real life but perfectly healthy. Anyway words aren’t part of my world but I still enjoy everything else.

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      I find this is all hard

      I hope so!

      I’m mute in real life but perfectly healthy. Anyway words aren’t part of my world but I still enjoy everything else

      This part I dont understand, communication in Second Life is mostly based on text chat. So this I would assume is an advantage for you, as you do not actually need your voice to be able to communicate just like everybody else in SL.

      Do I miss something?


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    Chanting Ninja 3 years

    Great post, I was surprised to find escorts in world as well.
    I would like to add to the ant-paid-sex list:
    E: Because the thought that the other person isn’t enjoying it, just putting on a show because you paid them to, is an instant turn off.

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      Candy 3 years

      You are assuming too much. Of course I can’t speak for all SL escorts, but I most certainly do enjoy my work. I enjoy writing naughty prose and I enjoy knowing that I’m helping someone feel good and get off. I like being there to help people fulfill fantasies they might not want to bring up with regular acquaintances. If an escort doesn’t enjoy any of these things, I don’t think they’ll be able to do their work very well.

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    For any person male or female of any race or disability to see themselves as victims is a self fulfilling prophecy.” Love it! You sound like an awesome lady and your husband sounds like an amazing man!! I do hope our paths cross one day!

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    Yaso 2 years

    May I know did you do voice chat with he partner while doing sex?

    I’m asking that because I have sex with many girls for free in SL. But non of them like to use voice chat. So if there are some escorts who like to use voice chat to impress me, I will pay enough.

    I think this might be another major reason to use escorts.

    Yes, I’m just one month in SL.

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      I normally do not use voice. Its basically a mixture between text chat and sex animations. Working as an escort girl is “living” a fantasy, one would probably never do in real life. Using voice would make it too much real life hence instead of “playing” to be a prostitute, it would be too real, too much actually being a RL sex service. Does that make sense?

      However, if you pay enough real money I might actually consider it!


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    Gekko Kamen 2 years

    LMAO for that last one Caroline. Thank you for this nice B-Day present. You really caught my attention. I would just like to add the “silly romantic”, who does not wish to save any damsel in distress, but feels sex is the climax of love, not a means by itself, and who accepts others as they are as he likes to be accepted, to your list of men who do not pay for sex or slex. As you wrote in another entry, “I wanted to have a hand” at it (pun also intended), but the hand tires, the heart suffers, and the flesh numbs. I’ve had my share of slex and, as you mention, it is very fulfilling. 😉
    I love what you are doing. TY for the invite

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    […] probably just like they are in real life. I redirect you to an excellent post of Caroline about why men come to prostitute in SL: I will not dare to describe it better. I have myself, in my short career, met many different men, […]

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    kuranes 2 years

    Hi Carol, great article – nice insight and summary! How much does it cost to be a flatrate supporter and friend of the house? 🙂 During your escort journey you have probably encountered a lot of interesting people and stories. The only time I have ever met an escort was when my boss (of a very small startup company many years ago) hired one to play secretary when a big client was coming in to visit the office lol

    Did you ever have lonely clients who were just seeking someone to chat with, or were looking for a friend or sort of digital penpal? Did you ever provide any, let’s say “counseling” or consulting services to people in crisis or distress who were not necessarily looking for sexual encounters? I feel like both types of services may share a few things in common – there’s probably not that much of a gap between the one or other service.

    I may not be ready to get back to SL myself, but I absolutely enjoy reading your blog and the food for thought you provide. I like the way you think and write, particularly the distinction you made between cheap pixel porn and a deeper experience that starts in one’s mind.

    I couldn’t agree more. No doubt infinitely more exciting than just watching or playing with some toys. But isn’t it also more dangerous to open yourself up emotionally, even when it happens in a protected virtual environment? I found myself quite vulnerable when I allowed an emotional bond with someone and allow myself to love and desire a person, thing or moment, regardless of it being in real or a virtual life. And with this I was also looking to trust this person. As long as it’s just a superficial acquaintance I never thought much about trust. But if feelings of friendship, love and sexuality were involved, trust (or lack thereof) often became a huge obstacle that made me unable to let myself go.

    Interestingly, when I played with SL before I found this to be true even (and especially!) in this virtual world with virtual people. It’s funny because you’d think there’s no safer environment to play in and let oneself go. But I trusted people even less than in real life. I had a bit of a hard time with it. Did you ever feel vulnerable or distrusting when you first started out? Obviously you’re doing pretty well otherwise you wouldn’t have kept up multiple lives for so many years and turned it into a business. I’m mostly just wondering if it’s a normal path for a noob in SL and something that gets better over time after learning how to walk, or just me being paranoid. I suppose if I treated the environment like a gaming environment and all actors like characters in a game – this would probably reduce the gravity of social and philosophical questions and implications, but then it would be just that, a video game, and no longer be real at all.

    Oh my, lots of questions, probably tl;dr, but anyway, keep on blogging! I look forward to reading more about your journeys and adventures 🙂

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      Hi Kuranes

      I know your post is 9 month old and I overlooked this totally. Having said that, the original post is from November 2014, hence the reason.

      Did I feel distrusted or vulnerable when I just started? No, I don’t think so. I started with my first avatar in 2007 when it was still all new and exciting. I met somebody on orientation island back then. We learned all the stuff together and made our first steps in Second Life togehter.

      This even evolved into a love story. Obviously didn’t last. I think she isn’t even part of Second Life anymore.

      Is it a normal path for a noob? I don’t know actually. I guess everybody makes his own experiences in that matter. But yes, everbody kinda grows in Second Life into whatever virtual life.

      We mature.



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    I think people gets too serious nowadays, judging what you do or not, even in the virtual world. Everyone have a dream, a fantasy, something unreachable within the real world due to its morality, duties and consequences, and SL provides that, no guilt, no responsibilities and no consequences.

    You do what you want to do in deep, because you’re free.

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    Darius 12 months

    I use SL escorts for a combination of reasons such as “i want it now” and time constraints. But there is another reason. I had a wonderful SL relationship at one time, however, when it ended that was the worst feeling ever. I did not want that feeling coming from this game ever again, not to mention I am engaged in real life now. So instead i do not get attached and just use working girls instead of getting involved with anyone again.

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    Micheal 6 months

    I know this is an old post, But, I just wanted to throw in my two cents worth of linden in. I don’t hire escorts, one, for the reason is I like the chase/hunt or whatever you call it, and paying for it right off the bat for instant sex is not really fun for me. Two, for one of the reasons mentioned above about it being an turn off if you are not sure your partner is into it.

    Yes I know a lot of escorts that do it just for the linden, it is after all just a job and they would be talking to me while they are with their client. So that uncertainty being there is a major turnoff for myself. BUT….I will spend a lot of linden on strippers, just because I find that fun….as long as the girl is getting into it. I do have one rule though, if you don’t say anything to me, you don’t get my linden lol. Overall though, I do like the post

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      Hello Michael,

      thanks for your post, even on an old article.

      It is actually easy to see or feel if the escort is “into it”. The good ones actually use detailed and descriptive emotes to turn you on. Not emotes on short cuts, but responding to your actions, emotes and words. Trust me it is almost impossible to actually make the client happy (good enough for him to come back for more) and having a chat with somebody else at the same time.

      But most importantly: Its hardly ever just a job. It is a fantasy for most girls. Being used for money simply turns them on. That is why I am enjoying it actually. In fact, “regular” sex in SL doesn’t do it for me anymore after this experience. There are exceptions though.

      I am taking 2.000 L$ for up to an hour. Lets face it, we are talking about less then the cost you had if you were inviting me for a drink in real life.

      Maybe you should give it a try, at least once 😉


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