More freebies and a busy day!

More freebies and a busy day!

Yesterday the day started with a nice surprise. I had money on my account. I sold my first 6 Items on my marketplace shop: Second Life hair.  470 LD (Linden Dollar)  – hurray! Yes,  I know it’s not a lot of money, but it’s a start and its Caroline’s first earnings in Second Life.  That was very encouraging.

Then I received an IM from one of my readers of this blog. He invited me to a store to show me something and to give me some items. Well, at first I thought: “All right here is someone who wants to get me in his virtual bed.”

It was nothing like that. In fact he turned out to be a very nice guy. He commented on the low quality of my hair and my AO and gave me first of all a really good animation overrider and something that made me chuckle: Body Physics!  Now my boobs are moving when I walk, not too much but it gives the avatar that little bit of extra realism. I am curious how they will move during sex.

Seconds later I had an entire reseller hair collection of a quality brand  in my inventory. I tried them all on and wow what quality stuff. I will have to update my shop on marketplace quickly.

But before I do so, I will contact the original creator of the stuff to find out if there are any copyright issues – to get an entire collection just like that, sounds to good to be true and if it sound to good to be true it usually is! So I better check!

The guy actually told about what he is doing in Second Life. That did sound somewhat bizarre. He actually works as a dummy. What that is? Well he goes shopping with women and tries on outfits for them before they buy. According to him the Ladies have fun dressing him up as a woman. For that purpose he actually has female skins and shapes as well. Needless to say I have them now as well.

The way it works is: The ladies give him the money for a particular dress or outfit,  he then tries it on so they can see how it actually looks on an avatar before they buy the same outfit themselves. The reason they do that is, they don’t want to screw up their avatar by trying something on themselves which they might not like, or does damage to their avatar. The benefit he has from that is, that he gets all the stuff for free.

We left the shop were we met, and he showed another interesting place: A cinema. The place allows you to watch great movies In-World. They change the program about weekly.

Tr. Came online!

TR. Is short for the guy I met at Paradies Beach. You remember? So I decided to have fun with him again. So TP to a place called Arruba beach, which I got the Landmark from John the guy I met at Sunset beach.  It started very nice under a shower next to nicely illuminated pool on the beach, where I was waiting for him naked.  Midnight sun settings, sensual music, you know that kind of sensual atmosphere.  On the side of the pool we got intimate until…..friggin real life intruded and I had to leave. It’s kind of frustrating when that happens. So that day I had half sex. Grrr!

Evening was party time at Gerhards club. Or at least I was there at the start of it. Could not make it to come late – again real life took preference.

So a very busy day and a lot more more freebies. Let me see:

  • A new animation overrider
  • A physics system
  • Several top quality skins
  • About 100 hairstyles
  • 470 Linden Dollars

Not a bad day for a noob! Lets see what happens next, I certainly need the other half of the erotic encounter that was so badly interrupted.  Is he my boyfriend you might wonder?.  No, I don’t think so, I don’t do boyfriends, but its always cool and sexy to be with him  (Hmm,  actually next time I need to tell him, that I like women too, pssst).




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    that guy witch gave you the new stuff that was me but you forgot to mention my name. I’m stil thinking i should be a model some day inside SL

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    carolineresident 6 years

    Oh Hi

    I was not sure if you wanted that or if you prefer to be the “one that shall not be named”

    /me laughs


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    i’m not just getting stuff for free you know. after i got stuff for free i go around SL find some newbie and make it look like a pro with the stuff i got. its called passing hand menthod.

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    oh and the hair i gave you is not for you to open up your hair store. i gave it to you because you were looking like a noob. I suggest you close “your store” unless you made completely 100% the hair from scratch. what you do is illegal. its like i would take someones free stuff and sell it for money without putting effort in to it. so please stop

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      drake1nightfire 6 years

      Unless the creator has a TOS prohibiting the reselling of their full perms items, AND you gave her that TOS, she can do what ever she wants with them.
      Telling someone “I suggest you close “your store” unless you made completely 100% the hair from scratch. what you do is illegal.” is a very bad bit of advice. That says all merchants that use prefab sculpties should not sell things.

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    carolineresident 6 years


    The stuff you gave me is not on there, of course.

    But I had an Idea: I could actually contact the creator (or any creator) and cut a deal with him. Like selling it on a commision basis. That would be totally legal and mutually benificial.

    I was thinking down the line of creating a cheaper brand and selling their stuff which doesnt sell well in their own store for much less money. Of course, you might argue they cam lower the prices themselves, but that is not good for their public image as a quality brand.

    A bit like the company ALDI in Germany is doing it. You can buy coffee for example from a top notch brand at their stores for half the price, but obviously not under their original name.

    If I do that with multiple creators, I could soon have a a huge selection of cheap product.The sheer size of the portfolio and the price would attract customers, the original creator would not have gotten himself in the first place.

    So the creator sells his top notch product for prime money and the stuff that doesnt sell for that price I throw on the market under a cheap brand and share the revenues with the creator.

    Hey, this account was to be suppossed for fun, why do I go into business again???? Maybe its because the leopard and his spots that never change?


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    yes but the creators might bring up a promo and give away their hair for free and on your side the product to be for money. Anyways. Your account will be rich and where will be the point of having caroline she will be just like your older account with a nice credit card. You were supposed to go freebie or isnt this the Carolines mission?

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      carolineresident 6 years

      There you have a point actually.

      On the other hand, isnt it useful for Noobs to show them how to make a little bit of money too?


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        money comes later when you get a job. thats after 30 days of been a freebie. This system is great to check if people come back or make the avatar and don’t stick to it. Theres also huds that give you money when you travel but the account needs to be 30 days old. you don’t need money for the first 30 days.

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    carolineresident 6 years

    Ok point taken

    I will blog about making money later on then. For now its about how to survive, where to have fun and how to make friends. In fact, I noticed from some of the comments on the Second Life forums that there are a lot of lonly Noobs seeking contact to residents.

    Maybe an interesting topic for an article too….


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    Syo 6 years

    On the job/shop topic: I remember myself searching for a job some months after I joined SL (still pretty much a noob ^-^) and it was….well not easy. Most jobs didn’t pay well (not as much as a good running shop can bring in) or were tied to high times (I remember a strip club requiring their dancers to be there at least 10 hours a week). But on the other hand their are some clubs which pay good or offer a good chance on a nice income (finally found one of those).

    If you need suggestions for your next journeyarticle I’m willed to give some ideas on how to start.

    Syo Emerald

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