Nathan the Handsome?

You remember Nathan the noob? If not refer to this article here: Nathan the Noob. The Picture here shows him and me on Sunset Beach. What a change! He looks really amazing now. Shall we change his name from Nathan the noob to Nathan the handsome? Any other suggestions?

Nathan The Noob
Nathan The Noob

Nathan actually decided to buy some Linden Dollar and upgrade his avatar. We did a little shopping trip to Regrave Skin Designs, Vista Design and some others. Redgrave Design is actually one of my favorite shops in Second Life (next to Gabrielle Mayetra). Of course , poor Carol can not afford to shop there, but on my “main” account I have a lot of stuff from Redgrave. For those who dont know what I mean please read: Who is Caroline in Second Life.

Redgrave Skin Designs:



5 thoughts on “Nathan the Handsome?”

  1. I knew you were not from the USA. No person with their mentality would undertake this kind of adventure. My gf is from Bucarest. We broke some rules and made contact out of sl. I hope some day I can meet her person to person. Not to have an affair. We both have our stories. I would just like to see her, and her daughter, have a cup of coffee, visit… We’ve become friends


  2. It is nice what you did with Nathan. I got help myself. Not from one, but various lady avis over my first few weeks. I always let them change me. Many of them were Latin American, hence the bulk. It is probably the ideal for them. No chest hair, the smiley, hair sticking out… I got the glasses, sneakers, and all the stupid junk we boys like: a Star Wars lightsaber, an M1 from WWII, and so on. That “So What” shirt I got as a gift from my gf. She gave it to me because I used the phrase so much. Every time we were going to do something naughty I would say SO WHAT!!! 🙂

  3. There are “Trolls” everywhere. Don’t even bother answering Carol. This is fantastic. I loved the way you shut the “English nazi’s” mouth (keyboard LOL). How can so who doesn’t even bother read more than a few entries criticize.

  4. when i first came across this blog, i thought it was from a few years ago because all the avis looked so dated (yes even Nathan’s, whose cock is black but avi is tan!). How can you call ANYONE ELSE a noob, when you look very much like a noob yourself?

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